Amethyst – characteristics and use

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Amethyst 1COLOR: purple, lavender

APPEARANCE: Transparent, spiky crystal. It can be Geode, a cluster or a standalone spike,

FREQUENCY: One of the most common crystals

SOURCE:  US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Sir Lanka, Uruguay, East Africa, Siberia, India.

CHEMICAL FORMULA: (variety of quartz) SiO2


  • features1Amethyst is an extremely powerful stone protector of high spiritual vibrations. Protects from psychic attacks. Natural sedative, blocking geopathogenic radiation and negative energy of environment. Develops higher states of consciousness. Amethyst has powerful healing powers. Traditionally it  prevents excessive drunkenness. Amethyst calms the mind and eliminate distractions.
  • Helps the transmission of nerve signals through brain. Eliminates the cause of insomnia, protects against chronic nightmares. Amethyst improves memory and enhances motivation. It can help you to remember your dreams and to understand them  and facilitate the process of visualization.
  • Release anger and anxiety. By reducing the pain and sorrow, helps the acceptance of loss. This is an excellent stone for meditation and can be placed on the third eye to stimulate it . Sleeping with amethyst facilitates body experiences and brings intuitive dreams. Transforms “lower” in the higher frequencies of the spiritual and ethereal domain.


  • chacrasAmethyst improves hormone production and coordinate the endocrine system and metabolism. Strengthens organs, cleans them  and  strengthens the immune system. Excellent  blood cleaner. Amethyst relieves from physical, emotional and mental pain or stress, and blocking geopathogenic zones. Reduces headache and relaxes tension. Stone reduces bruises, injuries and swellings. Leaflets  hearing disorders. Leaflets lung diseases, the respiratory tract, skin diseases, cell disorders and diseases of the digestive tract. It is useful for bowel flora regenerates, removes parasites and aids in absorption of  water. Amethyst cures insomnia and brings good sleep.
  • On a subtle level, Amethyst connects the physical, mental and emotional body, connecting them with the spiritual. Pures aura and transform negative energy, stimulates the crown chakra and the throat. It helps people who are preparing for the transition through death. Amethyst can stabilize psychiatric cases, but should not be used in cases of paranoia and schizophrenia.

POSITIONING AND USE  –   hold or put it  wherever appropriate, particularly as jewelry. Clusters and geode can be stored in the environment and individual spikes can be used used in healing. Place the tip of stone to yourself in order to attract energy and effort to get  out the energy. Amethyst is particularly useful when it is worn on the neck or on the heart. For insomnia or nightmares, put it under your pillow. Amethyst fade in the sun.


  • Amethyst was used for making jewelry and stamps in Egypt and  Minor Asia  3,000 BC. BC. The bishops and cardinals are still carrying  it as a symbol of Jesus’ suffering.
  • Name of amethyst comes from the Greek word amethystus in translation- without drunkenness.
    It is associated with the Greeks myth.  The god of wine Dionysus wanted to  revenge ordinary people  who insulted him. Dionysus decided to take revenge on the first mortal who comes along. Met a beautiful girl Amethyst as she heads to the sanctuary of the goddess Artemis. Seeing the danger  the goddess Artemis turned the girl into a statue of rock crystal. When Dionysus saw a beautiful statue repented and wept tears of wine.
  • It  was a favorite stone of the Russian Queen Catherine the Great.According to old beliefs amethyst was protecting  soldiers and fighters from bad thoughts, infectious diseases and spirits.

    It has a strong influence on the crown chakra


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