Aquamarine – characteristics and use

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aquamarin 2COLOR:  Green- blue
APPEARANCE: Clear and translucent to opaque crystal, often small and  veneered
FREQUENCY: Easily accessible
SOURCE: USA, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, India, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Pakistan

CHEMICAL FORMULA: (beryl group) Be3Al2 (SiO3) 6


  • features1Aquamarine is the stone of courage. Its calming energy reduces stress, brings harmony in the environment and protects against pollutants. In ancient times it was believed that aquamarine  fights the forces of darkness and attracts the favor of the spirits of the lights. The sailors wore it as a talisman against drowning.
  • Psychologically, aquamarine corresponds sensitive people. It has the power to awake the tolerance of others. It can break the old, self-defeating programs. Aquamarine calms the mind eliminating irrelevant thoughts, sharpens the intellect and  clears the confusion. With its ability to bring unfinished work to an end, aquamarine is useful for terminating operations. Frees the blocked communications and improves the ability of expression. This stone is useful in understanding the hidden emotional states and in interpreting feelings. Muting fears and increases sensitivity.
  • Spiritually, aquamarine sharpens intuition.This is great stone for meditation, evokes high levels of awareness and encourages service to humanity. Aquamarine protects the aura and equalizes chakras, throat chakra refines and makes communication better. It also  brings the physical and spiritual bodies into balance .chacrasHEALING EFFECTS – Aquamarine is helpful against sore throat, swollen glands and thyroid problems. Harmonizes the pituitary and thyroid gland, regulating growth hormone. This stone generally acts as a tonic, strengthens the organs, cleans the body, helps the eyes, jaw, teeth, stomach. It is useful for the treatment of nearsightedness and farsightedness, decreases the overreaction of the immune system and autoimmune diseases.aquamarine 1POSITIONING AND USE – Keep it wherever you feel it is convenient. It can be placed on the eyes or it be used as an elixir.
  • INTERESTING FACTS: According to Greeks mythology, King Neptune gave it as a gift to the mermaids. The beauty of the sea is trapped” in the Aquamarine  . It brings love to everyone who owns it.
  • Greek and Roman sailors used it as a talisman. They  believed that it  brings them  good luck  and prevents seasickness.
  •  Aquamarine is a Talisman for  loyalty, love and happiness among the partners.
  •  It has a great influence on the throat chakra, it helps in keeping the speech, and in the treatment of respiratory diseases.


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