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This will be a year for changes in all areas, dear Aquarius. According to the yearly horoscope 2020 it will be an exciting year with nice sudden surprises.







Couples – As far as your current partner is in question, your spontaneous nature will bring some fun end excitement into your marital relationship which will spice things up a little.

The summer will bring a calm and stable relationship. You are supporting one another and passion is visible from an airplane. However, those who wish to go beyond their own yard will have a chance for that as well. Doubt may come between you in March. Dilemmas will be cleared out in April and you will be back on track. Everything functions as it should and good energy and mood is leading the way.

Functioning on the daily basis with your partner is endangered, due to all sort oft hings, disharmony, dilemmas, doubt and poor communicating. Take care of this while it is still time, and if you realize that the problem is within you – make a change! Some relationships may fall apart in June.

Singles – This is a great year to find someone. It is more probable that you will find romance with new people and not in the circle of friends. Fun, optimistic, original, flirty, that all describes a female Aquarius that is always there for friends and loves having a good time. Mars enters the field of love in April, and single Aquarius will flirt with a couple of persons and be overwhelmed with attention from the opposite sex.





Work – Undoubtedly, you will get some new ideas, and find ways to conduct some affairs. You will emit self confidence and security and others will follow that. You yearn for respect and you will finally get it by the end of the year. Money will find a way to you in 2020. Then you will realise that that was the year of constant, strong growth and advancement.



Health – You will be heavily drawn to the alternative ways of improving health. If you can, try to exercise, but don’t push yourself too much. Just  know your limits. Some more advice, drink a lot of water, eat well, and make sure that you get enough sleep. Generally you will have enough energy and good balance.