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Aries is a fire sign who’s always ready for life challenges.  This year 2020 is no different. Step up and conquer the world!  According to the yearly horoscope 2020, anyone who dares stand in your way now should watch out.






Couples  Saturn will be in Aries until the 23rd of March and you will be more focused on yourself and your partner, not being occupied with someone elses’ problems and you will ignore those who criticize and discourage you. From the 23rd, Saturn enters Aquarius. Challenges will present themselves in spring , do not compromise.

Venus will enter Gemini, the air sign of duplicitous nature on the 4th of April. You will learn important lessons on relationships at home and in your love life.

Venus becomes retrograde in Gemini on the 13th of May. This will involve turbulence, kudos if you manage to stay calm. Bear in mind that the planets will make everything you do more complicated than it really is. Patiently wait for the 25th of May, the turbulent period will get its epilogue at the mid year. You will have a few serious discussions with your partner which will be followed with decisions beneficial for the both of you.

The ruler of your sign Mars, will enter its own second sign Aries from the 26th of June which will cause a lot of socializing and surprise evenings out. You will pay more attention to little things that didn‘t mean so much before during the summer . You will enjoy every walk, coffee and talk with your partner and you will be grateful for all beautiful things that are happening to you.

During the period from the 2nd to the 7th July, Saturn retrogrades to an earth sign Capricorn which will bring some inconvenient news but the solution will turn out sometimes between the 8th of August and September the 10th. On September the 18th Saturn reenters the fixating nature of the last air sign, the Aquarius.

Singles – Your love life will stabilize this year. Your relationships have been a bit nutty or traumatic for the past few years, but this year things will go in your favor. You will choose people whom to spend time with more carefully and you will learn to say no to anyone who does not value the boundaries you have set. Some people from your environment will not like that, and it will result with distancing from them. Although you will be sorry at first, you will realize that it is for the best for all of you.

Finally, you will find peace during the summer and you will not be bothered by past, failures and things you can not change anymore.

Many of you will start relationships with a friend of yours. Romance can be found at the strangest of places. Do not avoid calls for socializing, both business and private alike. The luckiest ones will be the ones who go out with an earth sign. Try not to be too impulsive when spending time with your family. You have to listen to what your family is asking from you.

From the summer’s end and to the fall, you may fall in love deeply or have serious relationships, even with someone you know. Last year was the beginning of developing sensuality and intimacy within you, and 2020 will bring new and deeper levels of intimacy and the profoundness of your relationship.

Work – Aries will not have troubles finding a new job or keeping the existing one.






Health – You will have a lot of inner energy at the beginning of the year. You will feel the best in the final summer months and the first months of the fall. Health, diet and exercising are once again your priorities. Your health will be stable in general.