Best Dream Interpretation Book








Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge



Inner Work - Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth by Robert A. Johnson


12,000 Dreams Interpreted - A New Edition for the 21st Century by Linda Shields


The Interpretation of Dreams - The Complete and Definitive Text by Sigmund Freud


What Your Dreams Are Telling You - Unlocking Solutions While You Sleep by Cindy Macgill

Dreams are the way your subconscious tries to communicate with you. They are sometimes filled with fear, desire, lust, hope, and more, and each of these emotions can be telling you something about your day-to-day life. Learning how to interpret your dreams can be a step in the right direction for you.

One of the best ways to learn about dream interpretation is through dream interpretation books. Professionals in spiritual and psychological matters wrote these books. They can help you understand what’s missing in your life by understanding your dreams.

In today’s guide, we’ll tell you all you need to know about dream interpretation. We also share with you our top pick books to learn how to interpret your dreams. 

Winner: Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge

Featured Specs

  • Pages: Around 350 pages
  • Type: Physical and audiobook


Stephen LaBerge’s book is one of the best-reviewed dream books you’ll be able to find on the market. Many readers believe that this book is the one you need to start your journey into the dream interpretation world. 

Additionally, the book offers a high level of professionalism from both the author and the publishers. The book has been edited before printing, which means that you won’t be getting a cheap self-published version.

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming is a best-selling dream interpretation book that offers all the necessary tools to understand your dreams. 


This book’s main drawback is that you might not find what you were looking for in a dream book. This book makes the scientific aspects of dream interpretation a lot easier to understand than other scientific books. However, it does not delve that much into the spirituality field. 

Another drawback of the book is that the dream interpretation exercises might not work for you. Dreams are unique to each person, and these exercises might help you, or they might not.

Extra Features 

The book offers an exercise section that you can follow to practice your dream interpretation. The exercises intend to help you remember your dreams, understand lucid dreams, and analyze the meaning behind specific recurrent dreams.

Buying Advice

If you are the kind of person who finds it hard to finish a book, you should try getting the audiobook version. You can listen to it while you work, shower, or right before going to sleep. 

Runner-Up: Inner Work – Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth by Robert A. Johnson

Featured Specs

  • Pages: 221 pages
  • Type: Physical and audiobook


Robert A. Johnson’s book is one of the best-selling dream books in the Kindle store. Inner World is a terrific guide to learn from your subconscious to live a better life. The author is an intellectual and an expert in lucid dreams and dream interpretation. 

The book offers a Jungian perspective of dream interpretation, distancing itself from dream interpretation’s spirituality aspect. It delves a lot into “active imagination” and how to use it to improve your life. Johnson’s book is, without a doubt, one of the best books in dream interpretation.


The book is a guide to help you grow as a person using your dreams and imagination. However, you should not confuse this book with a dream dictionary or a scientific book that studies dreams more deeply. It doesn’t offer the same amount of information as psychological books devoted to the field of dreams. 

Extra Features 

You can find this book in physical form as well as a version for Kindle and Audible. So, you can choose the version that fits the most with your preferences. 

Buying Advice

The book does not offer a spiritual perspective. If you are looking for one, you should consider other options.

Alternative: 12,000 Dreams Interpreted – A New Edition for the 21st Century by Linda Shields

Featured Specs

  • Pages: 544 pages
  • Type: Paperback and digital


12,000 Dreams Interpreted is a revision of a previous book known as 10,000 Dreams Interpreted. Gustavus Hindman wrote the last book, and it offered one of the most detailed studies of dreams and the hidden meaning of symbols. 

Now, Linda Shields’ new version offers 2,000 more dreams and a lot more content for a newer generation. This more recent version provides an updated take on dream history and symbolism. It provides an easier time for the readers, thanks to its modern writing style.


Unlike the other options on this list, this book is similar to a dream dictionary. It means that you won’t be getting a scientific take on imagination and dreams. Still, you’ll instead get an explanation of specific typical details in dreams. 

The author is a professional psychic and medium, meaning that you are getting a more spiritual take on dreams. This is not a drawback for most readers, but you should consider that before choosing a dream book. 

Extra Features 

This book doesn’t offer many extra features. Still, you can choose between a physical copy and a digital version depending on your taste and preference. 

Buying Advice

You should buy this book if you are a firm believer that dreams can have hidden meanings that can be the same for more than one person. It is one of the best prophetic dream interpretation books.

Alternative: The Interpretation of Dreams – The Complete and Definitive Text by Sigmund Freud

Featured Specs

  • Pages: 688 pages
  • Type: Audio CD, paperback, and digital


Sigmund Freud is one of the most notorious psychologists and intellectuals. This book is his definitive take on the meaning of dreams. In this book, he studies the most common dreams and recurrent ideas, giving us his interpretation of why we dream with specific details over and over again.

In his book, Freud tries to explain why dreams are essential to understand our subconscious and why it matters what our dreams are trying to say. It is one of the most studied books about dream interpretation, and it is still relevant to this day. 


The Interpretation of Dreams is a classic scientific book, and it reads more like a textbook than most modern options. If you are looking for spirituality, you won’t find it here. Freud was a psychologist who studied people’s behavior, and you’ll feel that in his work. 

Another drawback is that this book is a translation of Freud’s original’s work. It is an excellent translation, but you’ll need to make an extra effort to make sense of some phrases and ideas. 

Extra Features 

This book offers the possibility of having it as an Audio CD, which is not an option that many books provide. Additionally, you’ll be getting one of the best translations of Freud’s work to the English language. 

Buying Advice

If you are a fan of Sigmund Freud, then this book is a must for your collection. You should also consider this book to understand the scientific aspects of dream interpretation and dream interpretation history. 

Alternative: What Your Dreams Are Telling You – Unlocking Solutions While You Sleep by Cindy Macgill

Featured Specs

  • Pages: 176 pages
  • Type: Paperback and digital


Cindy Macgill is a professional life-coach that has dedicated her life to helping others find their purpose and heal previous trauma. Her work has led her to work in the field of dream interpretation. This is an area in which she is now considered an expert. 

What Your Dreams Are Telling You is a book that offers an exciting take on what dreams mean and how useful they can be. Cindy believes that you can use your dreams to find solutions to various problems in your life, leading to finding purpose and meaning. 

The author uses modern language to make it easy for the readers to understand her ideas and theories. This book is one of the best dream-meaning books you’ll be able to find, thanks to its readability and unique perspective. 


What Your Dreams Are Telling You is a unique take on dreams. As such, it doesn’t offer scientific backup or a psychological perspective. If you want facts about dream interpretation, you won’t be able to find them here.

Additionally, the book is well rated on Amazon, but it has fewer reviews than other books on this list. 

Extra Features 

The book doesn’t offer many extra features. Still, you’ll be able to find some exercises to help you remember and understand your dreams. 

Buying Advice

You should get this book if you want to understand your dreams through a spiritual and life-enhancing perspective. 

Dream Interpretation Book FAQ

Dream Interpretation Book FAQ

How Do You Read a Dream Book?

Your experience reading a dream book will vary depending on the book and the author. People like Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud are notorious for their work related to dreams and dream interpretation. However, reading their books can be tricky as they were written many years ago for the scientific community. 

If you want to read Freud’s work on dreams, you might need to enlist the help of a scientific dictionary. Furthermore, his works won’t give you an answer for why you dream what you are dreaming. Instead, you’ll need to determine that by yourself. 

Other authors and books are more focused on the spiritual aspect of dreams and their interpretation. Reading books about the spirituality of dreams is a lot easier than those focused on the psychological aspects because of the terms they use when writing. 

What Your Dreams Are Telling You?

Everyone dreams. Even dogs and cats, and other animals can dream. Dreaming is a part of our lives, and sometimes what our dreams are trying to say can help us grow. Some people believe they don’t dream, and they are not lying. However, they do dream. They just can’t remember it. 

Suppose you are looking for ways to grow as a person and to understand yourself a lot better. In that case, understanding what your dreams are trying to say is essential. Sometimes dreams are trying to communicate feelings and desires that you haven’t recognized or compartmentalize yet. 

Many experts believe that dreams try to communicate important things that could help us live a better life. Their theory is that understanding why you dream about something as specific as being cheated on is the key to improving your relationships. This applies whether they are love relationships, friendships, or work-related. 

Dreams are the window to your subconscious, to your fears and insecurities. Happiness, joy, and desire are essential emotions present in our dreams. Still, the most common feelings in dreams tend to be negative. 

Your mind creates bad dreams to tell you about deep scars and weaknesses. Interpreting your dreams can help you identify these weaknesses. By doing so, it will help you find closure, heal, and grow. 

How Do You Remember Dreams?

The possibility of recalling a dream can be linked to your personality traits. For example, people prone to creative thinking and daydreaming remember their dreams more often than others. This means that some people are naturally able to remember dreams, while others can’t. 

Other factors to why people remember their dreams can be trauma and stress. Trauma and stress can cause vivid dreams so intense that your brain will remember them once you wake up. If you’ve experienced grief recently because of someone’s death, there’s the possibility that you’ll dream about dying. 

Why Some People Don’t Remember Dreams?

One of the theories about dreams is that they are part of the process to restore the brain. If that’s correct, not remembering our dreams is because they are not essential for our lives. Your brain discards non-essential information to make space for the new data you’ll receive the next day. 

This theory means that the ability to recall your dreams is related to your memory. The more things you can remember, the easier it will be for you to remember your dreams. On the other hand, the less powerful your memory is, the more difficult it will be to remember your dreams. 

Another reason for someone not remembering the dream is the intensity of the dream. If your dream was too vivid and intense, you might not be able to recall it. Some experts believe that this is how our brains stay focused in real life and don’t get lost in the dream world. 

If you don’t get enough sleep, it will be harder for you to remember any of your dreams. Additionally, people who tend to worry more about outside forces or are more practical have a more challenging time recalling dreams. 

How Do You Interpret Dreams?

The first rule for analyzing your dreams is to understand that there are no rules. Every person is different. Every dream is different, and that’s why everyone will need a unique way to analyze their dreams. 

Here’s what you can do to help you interpret your dreams: 

  • Record your dreams: The most crucial step you can take to analyze and interpret your dreams is to write them down. Even a sentence can help you understand your dreams better. So, keep a journal by your bed, and write down everything you can remember from the dreams. 
  • Identify your feelings when dreaming: Ask yourself the most crucial question. Were you scared, angry, or happy? Determine how you felt during the dream, and you’ll be one step closer to understanding what your dreams are trying to tell you. 
  • Determine the recurrent thoughts and dreams: Once you start writing everything you remember, you’ll begin noticing recurrent dreams, ideas, and thoughts in your dreams. Understanding your recurrent dreams is essential for understanding your subconscious better. 
  • Every detail counts: You started writing down the minimum you could remember. Now, it is time to write everything you remember of the dream. Even the most minor details can be important when analyzing its significance. 
  • Be patient: Dreams might seem nonsensical sometimes, but you must remember that they are complex processes. Understanding them requires time and knowledge, and you will only get that knowledge by studying your dreams more deeply. 
  • Dream dictionaries: Every dream is different, which means your dream dictionary won’t help you much. Dream dictionaries are a collection of common dreams that most people have. However, that means that a dream dictionary won’t help you understand your dreams’ more profound meaning. 


Understanding what your dreams are trying to tell you can be essential for your growth and healing. Dream interpretation is part of the scientific study of human behavior. You can find it in the works of Freud and Jung, two of the most famous psychologists. 

Suppose you are looking to unlock your potential through dream interpretation. In that case, you should read Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge. It will offer you all the necessary tools to analyze your dreams and improve your memory and imagination.