Best Himalayan Salt Lamps In 2020

We live in such a stressful world with high-paced jobs and external pressures.

Downtime and relaxation have become more critical than ever, so you can stay healthy and happy. There are many ways to relax, and creating a peaceful home is one of the most effective methods. 

Himalayan salt lamps use pink salt from the Himalayan mountain range. They can transform your room into a relaxing space. Many people also believe that they have physical and emotional healing properties. They can create negative ions in the air, which purify and could help your energy levels. 

In this guide, we’ve put together comprehensive reviews on Himalayan salt lamps. We evaluate the best quality Himalayan salt lamps so you can make the best choice for you. We also address some common questions about these mystical lamps.

Best Overall: Himalayan Glow Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • Size: 9 inches (22.9cm)
  • Shape: Natural carved
  • Remote: Dimmer switch

Benefits of This Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Himalayan Glow lamp is the best selling Himalayan salt lamp. It uses authentic salt from Pakistani mines and has a beautiful, natural appearance. The unit has an attractive back-lighting that creates a peaceful and relaxing amber glow.

It also has an adjustable dimmer that allows you to control the light output. The lamp has a long power cord and allows you to create the perfect ambiance for your room. In a soft lighting setting, it can also bring peace to your dreams.

Drawbacks of This Himalayan Salt Lamp

Some reviewers have reported issues with the electronic component. Some users had problems with flickering lights, dimmer malfunctioning, or some overheating. This malfunctioning seems to be a problem with older models that the manufacturer has now fixed.

Extra Features

The Himalayan Glow lamp has a beautiful wooden base. This base helps to elevate the light from your surface, which can prevent water damage to your table. The wood is Neem wood, which comes from the same location in Pakistan as the salt.

This wood is resistant to bacteria and termites. It also resists shrinkage in any kind of climate. The base can support your salt lamp for many years without any problems.

Buying Advice

If you’re looking for a rustic, simple, and beautiful salt lamp, you should consider this model by Himalayan Glow. The price is also very friendly on the wallet.

Runner-up: LEVOIT Himalayan Salt Lamp


  • Size: 10 inches (25.4cm)
  • Shape: Natural carved
  • Remote: Dimmer switch

Benefits of This Himalayan Salt Lamp

The LEVOIT lamp is handmade in Pakistan. It uses authentic Himalayan rock salt and has a natural appearance that reflects the differences in color and shape of the pure salt.

It is also larger and heavier than other lamps on this list, so it is suitable for living rooms or larger spaces. The light sits on a natural rubberwood base that has non-toxic properties and is resistant to damage. You should still use a container underneath to prevent water damage to your furniture.

Drawbacks of This Himalayan Salt Lamp

Some reviewers have reported problems with excessive sweating from the lamp. However, this is a common problem when using these lamps in very humid climates.

There are also some issues with quality control. Some users have to replace lamps because they are not functioning. However, the customer service team is quick and responsive to send a new light.

Extra Features

The LEVOIT lamp has a safe-touch adjustable dimmer switch that allows you to control your room’s mood. Its electronics are also certified by multiple standards, including ETL, FCC, and CE. This gives you the peace of mind that the lamp won’t short out.

We also like that the lamp includes two replacement bulbs, so you can keep it glowing for long periods.
Buying Advice

If you are looking for a large-sized Himalayan salt lamp, you should consider the LEVOIT model. It is beautiful and healing, lighting up your room and purifying your air.

Alternative: D’aplomb Authentic Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp


  • Size: 7.5 inches (19cm)
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Remote: Dimmer switch

Benefits of This Himalayan Salt Lamp

The D’aplomb Himalayan salt lamp has a unique and modern appearance. It has a clean rectangular shape that is elevated on a contemporary black stand. This is an excellent option if you like modern aesthetics without compromising the healing qualities of the salt.

It also uses authentic salt from the Pakistani salt mines. The salt is more than 250 years old and has a beautiful pink hue. People report many benefits of this salt, including helping you sleep, cleaning air quality, and creating relaxing energy.

Drawbacks of This Himalayan Salt Lamp

The D’amplomb unit is the most expensive salt lamp on this list. This could be a negative if you are looking for the cheapest option. However, it is still an excellent value for money because of its unique and sophisticated design.

Extra Features

The lamp has a dimmer switch that is certified to electrical standards. You should use it with a 15W bulb, and you can adjust brightness. This allows you to create a specific mood in your bedroom, living room, office, or yoga studio.

The taller base of the lamp also reduces the likelihood of sweating and dripping from the light. However, especially if you live in a more humid region, you should keep the lamp away from other electronics.

Buying Advice

If you’re looking for a modern and minimalist Himalayan salt lamp, you should check out the D’amplomb option. It has a distinct appearance with the same healing properties as rustic lamps.

Alternative: Himalayan Glow Tall Round Basket Lamp


  • Size: 8 inches (20.3cm)
  • Shape: Round basket
  • Remote: Dimmer switch

Benefits of This Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Himalayan Glow lamp has a unique appearance that looks like pink coals sitting in a basket. Unlike other salt lamps that are solid, it has multiple pieces that are stacked together into a distinct shape. This is an excellent option if you like a unique look.

The basket itself is made from durable metal that is resistant to corrosion and rust. Even when the salt sweats on the basket, it can maintain its structure and give you years of reliable use. This basket is both practical and beautiful.

Drawbacks of This Himalayan Salt Lamp

Some users have reported problems with the shipping of the lamp. Some people receive baskets that have bent wires or malfunctioning lamp bulbs. However, the manufacturer seems to be responsive and replaces any faulty products.

Extra Features

The Himalayan Glow lamp has a dimmer switch so you can control the brightness of the light. All of the electronics are ETL certified as well for safety.

It is also a good option for a gift because the lamp comes in a specially designed gift box. This makes it the best choice if you want to surprise a loved one with a soothing and peaceful Himalayan salt lamp.

Buying Advice

If you’re looking for a small and unique Himalayan salt lamp, you might love the open basket design of the Himalayan Glow unit. It is also affordable and excellent value for money.

Alternative: V.C.Formark USB Himalayan Salt Lamp


  • Size: 7.4 inches (18.8cm)
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Remote: Wireless remote control

Benefits of This Himalayan Salt Lamp

The V.C.Formark salt lamp is the best option if you’re looking for modernity. It includes multiple color options, including 16 different colors and a color cycle mode. You can choose between strobe, flash, fade, and smooth color transitions.

You can adjust both color and brightness of your Himalayan salt lamp. You can easily set the mood of your room with just a touch of the remote control. This allows you to create a relaxing atmosphere for sleep, meditation, or light socialization.

Drawbacks of This Himalayan Salt Lamp

Some people may dislike the color-changing modes of the lamp. Even though it allows you to control your environment, it may detract from the salt lamp’s simple aesthetics. However, this comes down to your personal preference.

Extra Features

The V.C.Formark lamp has a USB input. This makes it easy to charge and power the light without having to use a bulky plug.

It also has an attractive wooden base that elevates the lamp from your table. It draws attention to the unique aesthetics of the rectangular light and protects the salt crystals from damage.

Buying Advice

If you’re looking for a multifunctional Himalayan salt lamp with multiple colors and remote control, you’ve found it in the V.C.Formark unit.

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

pros and cons of himalayan salt lamps

When choosing the best Himalayan rock salt lamp, you should trust your gut. However, there are some factors you can consider to make the best choice for you. 

Color and Design

Most Himalayan salt lamps are a light pink color, but there are some variations in shades. You can also choose between rectangular lamps with clean edges or more natural carved lamps with rough edges.

Color and shape are a matter of personal preference, so you should choose the lamp that is most beautiful to you. 


Himalayan salt lamps come in many different sizes. However, most are designed to fit the space next to your bed or on a shelf. You should measure your table before purchase to make sure your lamp will fit. 

Source of Salt

There are many Himalayan salt lamps on the market. However, some do not use authentic salt. Legitimate lights use pink salt from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. 

You should check that your salt lamp comes from this location. Otherwise, it might not have the same healing properties. 

Extra Features

Most Himalayan salt lamps also have an electrical component. Many include a lit display with a dimmer switch so you can control the level of illumination. Others may also include a remote control so you can adjust settings from afar.

If you choose a salt lamp with electronic components, make sure that it is safety tested to an electrician’s standards. 


Your budget is also an essential factor. This review guide contains the best price Himalayan salt lamps, which are affordable without compromising on quality.

Himalayan Salt Lamps FAQ

What Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Do?

People believe that Himalayan salt lamps help to purify the air in your house. They do this by ionizing the air particles.

The air around you contains ions. These are particles that have an electrical charge because of an imbalance of neutrons and protons. The ions can be either positive or negative.

Pure Himalayan salt lamps have evaporative salt that releases water into the air. This water creates negative ions, which have many healing properties.

For this reason, many people like to keep salt lamps in their bedroom, where the healing ions can continue to heal while you sleep. You might also prefer to keep the light in the living room so the whole family and guests can benefit.

Pros and Cons of Himalayan Salt Lamps

There are pros and cons to everything, including Himalayan salt lamps. You should consider both sides of the argument before deciding to purchase a light.

Himalayan salt lamps have the following pros:

  • They clean the air.
  • They improve your emotional state.
  • They assist in a deeper sleep.
  • They can increase energy levels.
  • They can reduce electromagnetic radiation.

We will take a closer look at the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps in the next section. We will explain how they can heal both physically and emotionally.

Himalayan salt lamps have the following cons:

  • They are heavy and easy to break.
  • It is hard to find an authentic lamp.
  • Their leaking water can be a hazard and cause rust.

Himalayan salt lamps are heavy and also breakable. This means that you should take care not to drop them because it could damage the light or your furniture. They are not a good option if you have small children or pets that can reach the light.

Because they are so popular, there are also many imitation lamps on the market. These do not use the salt from the Himalayas and therefore do not have healing properties. You should check for a certificate of authentication so you can get the best tested Himalayan salt lamp.

Lastly, Himalayan salt lamps can leak water. If they are on a metal table, this can cause corrosion and rust. It can also be a hazard if you have electrical cables near the lamp. We recommend buying a unit with a stand and keeping all electronics far away.

Overall, there are more benefits than negatives when it comes to Himalayan salt lamps. Let’s take a look at the benefits in more detail in the next section.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamp on table

Himalayan salt lamps can have many benefits to your physical and emotional health.

They may clean and purify the air in your room, which is particularly beneficial if you struggle with asthma or similar disorders. The lamp traps any polluting substances inside the salt and redistributes clean air around your room.

The lamps can also boost your energy levels. They do this by increasing energy flow through your body because of the negative ions. Many people believe that positive ions can sap your energy, so the generation of negative ions is a big plus.

You may also benefit from a better night’s sleep with a Himalayan salt lamp. The gentle glow from the lamp can reduce eye strain at night and keep you in a peaceful state of mind. Many people stay alert because of harsh lights and electronics, so the lamp is a great alternative.

Some people also believe that Himalayan salt lamps reduce electromagnetic radiation. This is the radiation that your electronics like cell phone and laptop generate. Exposure to this radiation can leave you feeling more stressed and tired. Salt lamps could reduce this radiation with their negative ions.

Lastly, salt lamps can improve your overall mood and wellbeing. They have a beautiful appearance that can make you feel peaceful and calm. Especially if you are stressed, they can help to relax you and make your space feel more comfortable.

Himalayan salt lamps have many physical and emotional benefits, so you should try one out for yourself.


In conclusion, Himalayan salt lamps are a great addition to a peaceful and relaxing space. They can have many benefits for your physical health and your emotional wellbeing.

The best Himalayan salt crystal lamps use authentic salt from the famous mountains. They also have beautiful construction and soft colors that are beautiful to look at. All of the options in this review guide are high-quality, so you should choose the lamp that speaks to you.

Self-care is essential if you want to thrive in your professional and personal life. Himalayan salt lamps can help you along this path to inner peace and balanced energies. So, what are you waiting for?