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What do the stars have planned for you Cancer in April 2020? Whether you want to know what’s going to happen with your love life, your career, health or your life in general, we have general monthly horoscope for the month ahead. On the astrological front, April is the all about radical acceptance. Mercury is encourages original thinking. Saturn is here to teach us many things about the effort required for our growth. Sun enters Aries, and the spring equinox starts, which could bring financial surprises. Can we love ourselves, and others, warts and all? Under this outsized celestial spotlight, everyone will show up in stark relief. Flaws and humanity are on full display. Can we accept what we see?



Couples – A turning point in your relationship is on April 7th. The full Moon in Libra has quite a bite to it.  You might be giving your partner  an ultimatum of either needing to shape up or ship out.  There will be passion in your love life but there are no romantic opportunities to satisfy your love ambitions. You want more  security. Talk with your partner honestly so that you don’t end up in an explosive argument near April 25. Finally, Mercury enters Taurus  on the 27th of the April. That means that you will stabilize your relationship. You’ll see no problem in fighting for partner and family. Your moral values are much higher these days. That’s why you may get upset when encountering disrespect or injustice.


Singles – Single persons will have many opportunities to form love relationships during the first week of April 2020. The planet of love is in your sign in the first half of the month. That increases chances for unexpected love with a completely new person. It may be an introduction through friends or even via social media. The advice is not to make rash decisions, there will be opportunities for that, take your time and make the right choice.





Work –The sun will illuminate your cash situation on the 19th of April,  perhaps prompting an epitome around how you handle money  If money hasn’t been on your mind recently then consider this a cosmic hint to start thinking seriously about money. Aries season is your annual opportunity to secure your funds.




Health – Mild colds are possible at the middle of the April 2020. You will easily overcome that by minding your diet. Swap carbonated drinks and alcohol with herbal  tea.




Feng Shui – Always keep the bathroom doors closed and the toilet seat shut. In ancient Chinese tradition water is connected to wealth. You surely don’t wish that your money leaves the house spends itself without planning.




Advice of the month – The loser says  “It’s Possible But It’s Difficult”. The winner says “It’s Difficult But Possible”. Be Winner In your life Life.