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According to yearly horoscope 2020, Cancer will remember this year by the fact that they will encourage themselves to try a number of things that they cold not have imagined before.







Couples- You will start the year by setting your own goals. You will have a selfless support from your partner. Venus enters the air sign of a duplicitous nature, Gemini, on the 4th of April. For you, that means that you will contemplate your unfulfilled dreams and start to engage them more seriously.

You will bring novelties into your life in the spring. That enthusiasm and success will positively influence the relationship with your partner.

Saturn becomes retrograde in Aquarius on the 11th of May. That will imply a standstill. The universe will tempt your perseverance. Kudos for those who manage to stay calm. Anything is possible, from small quarrels to harsh words and  temporary breakups. Be careful!

The end of the summer and the fall bring harmony and defining of relationships. Saturn becomes direct in Capricorn on the 29th of September. There will be a lot of fun that eluded you the past few years. Creativity in family relationships will transcend to your professional life as well.

You will enter the winter content. Jupiter enters the fixed nature of the air sign Aquarius from the 20th of December. In any case, 2020 will be one of the best years in your life because you will prove to yourself that you are stronger and more capable than you could have imagined.

Singles – Single Cancers will meet a person that will suit them in every aspect at the beginning of the year. Saturn in Capricorn will ignite you to start a relationship very quickly.

Dissidence may appear at the end of the spring but you will solve them without any problems and tears shed. You are an emotional person, shy and sensitive ass wells as empathetic. Your feelings may be easily hurt, but you understand other people’s feelings much easier as well.

Summer will bring gifts in a manner of a travel, and a lot of socializing with a new person of interest. You will learn to easily disclose your emotions because you feel safe.

You will be in a stable relationship and make long term plans for the future.

Work – Some sort of confrontation may occur at the workplace this year. That does not necessarily mean that you will fight someone. A competition is more probable. You will have to work more and you will be more confident and accurate than your work colleagues. The most of you will feel this way because Mars will awaken ambition within you.




Health – You energy levels will vary in 2020. Your environment will surely urge to to exercise constantly. Inactivity is a major issue that could cause illness in 2020.