Capricorn – how to immediately recognize Capricorn on the beach

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rp_on-the-beach-1-300x1801-300x1801-300x180.pngCAPRICORN – They do not go well with the water, but the Capricorn will try to make the most of his time, although swimming is not on the top of the list.

Capricorn male
capricorn manThe male Capricorn sits with a grudged look observing everything around him, he rarely goes into water if it is crowded. He is accompanied by his family and  best friends. He is not interested in making new friends on the beach. He is well organized and puts up an effort to have a good time. He’ll buy corn dogs, doughnuts, ice-cream and anything that is being offered. He is hiding from the sun and eat and analyzing everyone around.

Capricorn female
Basic RGBThe female Capricorn does not stand the heat.  She constantly checks her make-up, she hides behind large hats and dark shades not to be recognized. She acts as a villain with a chase after her. She always picks the spot at the end of the beach where there’s no crowd, she stands in the shallow water for hours, furious at the water for being cold, and she would like to go for the swim. But if she spots a good looking man around her she will try the best to be recognized by him.


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