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TrWhat do the stars have planned for you Capricorn  in May 2020? Whether you want to know what’s going to happen with your love life, your career, health or your life in general, we have general monthly horoscope for the month ahead. On the astrological front, May 2020 is the time when people are well advanced into the New Year and prepared for all the challenges of the present year. In this period, we often tend to behave rationally and try to stay calm. It seems like emotions do not concern us, being affected by Mercury. The Full Moon is here to teach us many things about the effort required for our growth. Sun could bring financial surprises. May is not as light as we would like, but it’s conducive to your development if you agree to play the game. Think about it.


Couples –During the first week of May 2020 you might not feel quite as yourself, but after that, the love carousel can start. The full Moon is on May 7th. That brings Harmony in relationship with the partner. Passion as well is what awaits you. There will be some negative influences on your partner during the third decade of the May. Do not listen to advice or comforts outside of your family. After New Moon on 22th you will receive very nice news from partner.




Singles – The universe has just sent to your sign a strong call for emotional renewal! Uranus, the master of love at first sight, in beautiful aspect to your Sun, opens perspectives more than superb. Rejoice. You will be very desirable in the eyes of others. There will be more contacts, some may remain on the flirting level, and some may be possibilities for relationships. The second half of the May brings concrete encounters and agreements. Most Capricorn will take chances with new persons while some will offer a new opportunity to an ex love.



Work – it’s possible you will be tempted to go over your budget this month.  However, success is on your side, and everything you plan in May will work out the way you want, especially since you have plenty of new professional ideas




Health – Kidneys and bladder are the main weak spots. Cold weather is coming, take care, because you will be more sensitive than the usual. You will need more rest than before. It would be good if you could spare a half an hour a day just to lay down, without doing anything, no TV, phone, etc.



Feng Shui – Put a bowl of water in the north of your home or your living room. It may also be a fish tank, a fountain or a photo of water. Thus, you will ignite career activities, advancement and increase in income. Find north using a compass.  Try not to hold Water  in the bedroom.



Advice of the month – Life hardships are not there to destroy you. Their goal is to help you realize yourself and awake your hidden potential and power.