The Four Symbols of Chinese Astrology

The Four Symbols

Ancient Chinese astronomers, during the Han Dynasty (2nd century BC to 2nd century AD), divided the sky into four regions. The four regions were known as “The Four Symbols”. The Four Symbols are mystical creatures: Black Tortoise of the North, White Tiger of the West, Vermilion Bird of the South, and Azure Dragon of the […]

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Yin and Yang in Chinese Philosophy

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang is the ancient Chinese philosophical understanding that everything in the natural world will have an opposite, and that nothing in the natural world can exist without its opposite. In ancient Chinese culture, people were interested in the relationships and patterns that occurred throughout the natural world. The School of Yin-Yang, believed to […]

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What is my chinese zodiac sign?

Chinese Zodiac Years Chart -Chinese Astrology Chart Ever wondered what is yours Chinese zodiac sign? In Chinese astrology Each Chinese

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Chinese Zodiac Sign: Pig


Pig Characteristics: Element: Water Direction: North-North-East Season: Winter Month: November Sign Order: Twelfth Colour: Royal Purple Polarity: Yin Gemstone: Ruby Lucky Number: 5 Friends: Rabbit, Goat Foes: Snake Associated Sun Sign: Scorpio The pig in Chinese Astrology might as well be the Zodiac sign with the greatest generosity and honour, in great contrast top the […]

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Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog


Dog Characteristics: Element: Earth Direction: West-North-West Season: Autumn Month: October Sign Order: Eleventh Colour: Turquoise Polarity: Yang Gemstone: Diamond Lucky Number: 9 Friends: Tiger, Horse Foes: Dragon Associated Sun Sign: Libra Chinese Astrology goes against the predictability of the Dog being man’s best friend as it is in the Western world. Dogs demonstrate great loyalty […]

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