Chinese Zodiac Sign: Pig


Pig Characteristics:

Element: Water
Direction: North-North-East
Season: Winter
Month: November
Sign Order: Twelfth
Colour: Royal Purple
Polarity: Yin
Gemstone: Ruby
Lucky Number: 5
Friends: Rabbit, Goat
Foes: Snake
Associated Sun Sign: Scorpio

The pig in Chinese Astrology might as well be the Zodiac sign with the greatest generosity and honour, in great contrast top the pessimism associated with it especially in the Western countries. Pigs are known for their good mannerisms and good taste. They are misunderstood to be snobs due to their perfectionist nature.

Pigs will naturally love luxury. They derive pleasure from the finer things in life (in terms of their environment, feeding habits and even making love). This sign has faith in man’s best characteristics without claiming superiority. They are greatly compassionate and value their families as well as friends, striving to be a source of joy for everyone around them. Pigs take pride in being of help to others, and their greatest joy is seeing others smile.

It is sad seeing a Pig with nowhere to direct its generosity. They are quite noble, almost like saints. This makes some ill-minded personalities take advantage of the Pig. Sadly, the Pig will rarely offer any form of resistance. Pigs are great company because they focus on the positive aspects in their companions. It is this view that puts Pigs at risk of being trampled upon by others. Nonetheless, Pigs can show their bad side in the event that they are back stabbed by their associates.

Pigs have a high level of intelligence. A Pig will always be on the hunt for new facts be it while studying or at play. One would be forgiven for thinking of Pigs as lazy as a result of their love for indulgence. Spending considerable amounts of time relishing over a variety of exotic foods, making love, or even sleeping is no big deal for a Pig. They make for great life partners because of the great love they have for family and their loving hearts. In the same breath, Pigs will not hesitate to focus on those who make them feel appreciated while ignoring everyone else. It would do them good to realize that life is not all about being needed. They will blossom by embracing diversity in the type of people they relate with.

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