Cinabar – characteristics and use

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Cinnabar 1COLOR: Red, red-brown, gray
APPEARANCE:  Small, crystalline or granular masses in the matrix
FREQUENCY: Easily accessible, but expensive


  • features1Cinabar attracts abundance. Reinforce the persuasiveness of trading and helps the progress of the aspirations of individuals and not to provoke aggression. It is also useful for organization and work for the community, in business and finances. Cinabar works fine when you want to improve your personality or change your style, because it gives a person the power and dignity and makes the external appearance  pleasant and elegant.
  • Mentally, cinabar improves accuracy in mind and speech. On a spiritual level, enables the acceptance of all as perfect, exactly as it is. It releases  energy blockages and leads straight into the energy centers.chacrasHEALING EFFECTS –  Cinabar leaflets and cleanses the blood. It gives the power and flexibility to the physical body, stabilizing weight and increasing fertility.

    POSITIONING AND USE Keep or put wherever you want, but close to your body. You can also keep it in money box.

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