Fire signs-characteristics

  • rp_fire1-206x3001-206x3001-206x3001-206x300.pngFIRE SIGNS: ARIES, LEO and  SAGITTARIUS .This type of people is characterized by exquisite rp_ovan-2-253x300.jpgenergy and rapturous emotionality. They get angry easily, and forgive even faster. They are adventurists with an enormous energy. They are very strong physically and they represent an inspiration for others. They are always ready for action. They are self-aware, intelligent, creative and idealistic types. Their strong fire moves the world both in good and evil. rp_LAV-224x300.jpg
  • The fire signs are energetic, passionate, stubborn in their viewpoints, creative, and full of life, sociable and strong.On the other hand, they can be impulsive and bossy. The fire signs love adventures, new experiences, to fight for a higher cause, and to make other people laugh.rp_Sagittarius-3-300x300.jpg
  • They are born leaders, bosses, directors, but also coaches and writers and they should choose a college according to those preferences.
  • The fire signs are warmer, more amicable and they don’t have the need to retreat in the collision with life problems. They are very well spoken; their rhetoric is spontaneous, warm and bombastic with the need to be recognized. They have a protective urge inside of them, and they have a need to take care of others. They have large amounts and reserves of strength which they generously share with others, but are often cocky, which can drain them and influence their health. Their clear rhetoric often makes people to choose them for their leaders, because they don’t have second thoughts when it comes to decision making. The fire signs have a need to create, and their actions in this world are quite visible. They are rarely alone and introvert.
  • The key phrases for the fire signs are impulsiveness, impatience, enthusiasm, nervousness, abruptness, direct approach, the need for conquering, proving themselves, the need to create and shape things. They will not retreat, shut down, nor do they have a fear of life and changes. The lack of the fire element leads to anxiety, health problems, the decrease of energy, lack of will and apathy.
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