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What do the stars have planned for you Gemini  in May 2020? Whether you want to know what’s going to happen with your love life, your career, health or your life in general, we have general monthly horoscope for the month ahead. On the astrological front, May is the time when people are well advanced into the New Year and prepared for all the challenges of the present year. In this period, we often tend to behave rationally and try to stay calm. It seems like emotions do not concern us, being affected by Mercury. The Full Moon is here to teach us many things about the effort required for our growth. Sun could bring financial surprises. May 2020 is not as light as we would like, but it’s conducive to your development if you agree to play the game. Think about it.


Couples –May is an absolutely ideal month for strengthening relationships with your close ones. Gemini will be open to build stronger bonds, and they won’t have a problem saying what they think. You will bring out some new ideas. Your partner will support you and you will become more connected. The new Moon is I Gemini od 22th of the May 2020. You will  attract pleasant experiences, and you can synchronize your own ideas with those of others.




Singles – In fact, you’ve got more courage than usual this month. This will ramp up your powers of attraction. Pay attention to period between the Full Moon on 7th of May and the New Moon on 22th od May. You might be brave enough to make the first move and ask someone out in your social circle. Forget the dates! Just let the magic of life work: “In May, do what you like!”





Work –A New Moon at the top of your chart on May 22th  is all about a professional opportunity you have that you truly don’t see coming. There’s an exciting career change coming your way . The universe wants you to go for it.




Health – Pretty variable. In the second part of the month you may have some difficulties in you joints and spine. We recommend morning stretching or taking up yoga.




Feng Shui – Get rid of at least the half of your unusefull things in your home that you haven’t been using at least for a year and get rid of the ballast of the past and the headache.




Advice of the month – The man who has done less than his best have done nothing.