Home harmony ritual

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magija knigaIt is said that a home is an oasis of peace and comfort. In these turbulent times home and family are actually a source for stress. A very efficient ritual can put a stop to that.

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One should acquire one liter of spring water or rain, pour it in a glass bowl and put it on a table. Put two blue candles next to it one opposite to the other in the direction North-South while to white candles should be put in the direction East-West. Chop fresh lavender leaves along with white rose pedals and spread them around the table and chairs forming a magic circle.

Sit on a chair, light the candles and speak the following: “Let the light shine on this home and bless everything in it. It is now an oasis of peace and comfort for everyone who enters it. My home brings happiness, joy and puts a smile on your face. There is no place for evil in it, and if it is brought inside it will be destroyed and turned into joy”. Repeat this ritual once a week for one month.

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