Leo: How to immediately spot Leo at the beach

rp_on-the-beach-1-300x1801-300x1801-300x180.pngLEO – The beach is a natural stage for them, and their regal presence is bound to be noticed. Whether the Leo is trying to much or not, he visibly enjoys his time in the water and in the sand.

rp_LAV-224x3001-224x300.jpgMale Leo

 He chooses the center spot where he will attract attention and display his magnificently built body. He is noisy, comments on anything, he organizes social games and has a truckload of ideas for spending time at the beach. He enjoys long swims and boat rides.

leo womaaaanFemale Leo

 She will endeavor to attract attention by any cost. She giggles merrily, checking if she is being noticed in her top of the line swimsuit paired with giant earrings. If that is not enough she will lift her hair up in a chignon or a pony tail enabling her to pull the theatrical stunt of letting her hair fall down her back upon emerging the water.