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Leo is a sign full of ambitious people. According to the yearly horoscope 2020  they  will do anything to advance in their lives. Stars predict that the whole 2020 will refer to personal advancement.







Couples – You partnership is lively and energetic and  offers the possibility for joy and personal growth. Saturn directly enters your field of partnership at the beginning of the year. That implies that the universe promises cosmic magic if you accept things for what they are, and not for what you think they ought a be.

The spring brings Jupiter in Capricorn and then it turns retrograde from the 15th of May. That would mean challenges in partner and family relationships. You know how t keep things under control and where the solutions lay, you will invest some of your nerves until you manage to settle things down.

Mars enters its own second sign Aries on the 29th of June. Plans lay on all sides. A couple of voyages are possible, a lot of socializing with your partner end one bigger celebration.

You will be closer to your partner from the fall to the end of the year. Some commendations and gifts are on the way.

Singles – You will be surrounded by your enemies at the beginning of the year. Do not go out on dates with your friends. That will cause problems. Sustain yourself and wait for the right opportunity in the spring. Everything will move into the right direction, meetings, gentleness, attention and reciprocated emotions. Retrograde Saturn emerges in the summer to slightly stirr things up and to put you to a challenge. It won’t be anything terrible, but there will be a lot of thinking about some situations.

2020 will not bring easy relationships. From September to the end of the year you will be on the track of love again. Typical Leo will strengthen the relationship they started in the spring. Some will meet someone new and start a relationship. Winter brings harmony, open relationship and a joint voyage.



Work  – You will be more concentrated at work than ever. Although you may have to take care of boring office issues, it will come easily to you. Try to befriend all your colleagues and superiors. This may create stability in your work and even help you to stand out and elevate yourself. Advancement iss guaranteed for a typical Leo.




Health – You will have a lot of energy. You will want ot ry out new things, which is great for both your mind and your body. You will probably try out new exercises or change your diet. Sleep deprivation is a common problem with the Leo, try to work on that.