Libra – How to know that the breakup is near?

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Libra newMaybe you  think that you have found someone special, your soulmate?   Would you like to know when your love is not returned? See the following few instructions and find out  how Libra man and woman  behaves when they you do not feel the same as you.

raskidIt is very difficult to force  Libra people  to  tells you and admit when it’s over. You probably will not even notice that something is wrong. Libra partner will behave towards you, just as before. The Libra people  will be  gentle and good, but if you are smart enough you will read between the lines. They will  hug and kiss you , and then, one day, you’ll only see them with someone else. You have been warned!

heartLibra partner gives very small signs that the breakup is near. Short look, less sex, shorter dates. Libra will not make a big deal out of breaks, they just withdraw.


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