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According to the yearly horoscope 2020, the face you will show to the world is the face of resolve and strength. Dear Libra, you will persevere and fulfill your dreams.







Couples – Libras will strive for changes in their partnership. You will be exposed to many comments from your close persons whom will find this ideas wrong.

The ruler of your sign, Venus, enters Gemini on the 4th of April. You will make concrete steps towards changes. Some will decide to leave the partnership, and the typical Libras will be consistent in changing issues that have bothered them a lot. The spring is the time to change things.

The summer brings results. You will learn an important lesson that honesty solves everything and that you should not withhold anything for no one. There is always a solution for everything.

The autumn brings stability in the partnership, as well as support and tenderness. Saturn enters Aquarius in December. That implies reorganizing, gifts and focus on joint activities. Many of you will decide to change homes, to move in together or to have children. The autumn is a great period for weddings.

Singles – Single Libras will be focus on their past until March. They will let go of it after much thinking through.

Jupiter becomes retrograde on the 15th of May. Letting yourself off to adventures will suit you. Socializing with friends will agree with you, therefore go out and have fun. Fun, fun, fun for you.

Anyhow, the desire for having someone and tenderness will come back at the end of the summer. You will meet a person with whom you will be able to go out, have fun and at the same time have intimate relationships that are stable and full of trust.

Jupiter becomes direct on the 13th of September and it will strengthen creative abilities in autumn. Years such as this do not happen so often. This 2020, and especially the winter promises that it will be a great year for you.

Work – Libras will have an urge to work more than usual this year. At the beginning of 2020, Libras will have expenses that will force them to keep count of every penny they have. The summer will bring relief. You will engage yourself in a new hobby. That will make you pretty occupied, but at at least you will be happy.




Health – There will not be any dangerous health problems with the typical Libra. Knees and the back will be sensitive, so do not over work and over load yourself physically, You will have more energy in the second part of the year, you will change sleeping and eating habits.