Magnetite – characteristics and use

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magnetitCOLOR: Black, taupe
APPEARANCE: Dark and granular, magnetic (iron ore), all sizes
FREQUENCY: Easily accessible
SOURCE: US, Canada, India, Mexico, Romania, Italy, Finland, Austria


  • rp_features1-300x225.jpgMagnetite is magnetic stone and has a powerful positive and  negative polarity. It is used in magnetic therapy and it can also heal the earth, by the same principle. It is a grounding stone. When it is  used by experienced healer, it returns the harmony and  energy of the body or the whole country. Magnetite attracts and repels, activates and soothes. There are times when the body tries  to be cured and organs are very tensed.   If the organ or meridian is too active, magnetite will calm them  down. If a body is lazy, magnetite will be activated with its positive charge.  It is useful for sports injuries, relieves muscle aches.
  • Magnetite temporarily harmonizes the chakras and meridians of the subtle and ethereal bodies. Connects earth chakra with the energies of the earth. Magnetite promotes telepathy, meditation and visualization. Increase the trust in other people. Magnetite attracts love, commitment and loyalty. Psychologically, magnetite is used to alleviate the negative emotions: fear, anger, sadness and excessive attachments. This stone harmonize intellect with emotions, and brings inner stability.

chacrasHEALING EFFECTS – Magnetite is good for recovery from illness. It is useful for asthma, blood and vascular system, skin and hair. Activates lazy organs and calms those too active. Anti-inflammatory, leaflets cramps and muscle tension. Stops bleeding from the nose.

POSITIONING AND USE – Place at the back of the neck and at the root of the spine, or wrist that pain. Put the end of the bed to stop night cramps.


  • Located him and the grains as magnetite sand. Formed igneous and metamorphic. Secondary findings in drifts. Hardness is 5.5. Poor splits and has shelly fracture.
    Is opaque, black scratch and metal. It is highly magnetic. A good conductor of electricity.
  • Other information: Magnetite is an important iron ore.


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