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What do the stars have planned for you in June  2020? Whether you want to know what’s going to happen with your love life, your career, health or your life in general, we certainly have general monthly horoscope for the month ahead. On the astrological front, horoscope for June 2020 is all about the strong emotional charge!. Love floats in the air, refreshing and joyful. In other words, the heavyweights of the sky, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, all in the sign of earth, seek to anchor changes made to last. So, their messages are not always easy,  but always constructive. The Full Moon is here to teach us many things about the effort required for our growth. Sun could bring financial surprises. In conclusion, June is not as light as we would like, but it’s conducive to your development. So let’s play the game called June 2020.

ARIES aries

  • Couples – Pay attention to your daily habits. You’re likely to feel lazy and self-indulgent. However, don’t forget that some things are worth fighting for! Discuss any repressed anger or old grudges with a partner.  The full Moon in Sagittarius is on the 5th of the June. It  brings love, peace, harmony, and beauty, with a focus on your love relationships, creativity, and finances. This is also a good time for shopping, and decorating. Mercury is retrograde in Cancer from the 18th June till the12 th of July.  That will give you an incredibly strong need to make big changes around you. Be careful. if you act in a extreme, or obsessive way you are likely to face powerful forces acting against you.
  • Singles – The full Moon is in Sagittarius on the 5th of June 2020.. That implies a large step forward. You have long yearned for a love relationship. Single Aries  want a kind of love where you know that  is the love of your life, your soul mate. They want a partner that supports you in every way. Well, this is the time for that kind of love to really happen. Social contacts will play an important role in the formation of new partnership. In other words, Aries  can look forward to moments full of adventure, romance and passion
  • Work – You will face problems with seniors in the workplace.  So, listen to your inner feelings and let them  guide you. Future material rewards are on the horizon. No need for fear.
  • Feng shui – The smiling Buddha and a crystal rose hip are symbols that will increase fertility and passion. Also, you can put an elephant with baggage in the west of your bedroom. It is important that this item are well enlightened and that nothing is covering them up.
  • Advice of the month – We all are born in this world for some special purpose. None of us are waste. So, don’t be a prisoner of past,  be an architect of your life and future.



  • Couples –During the first week of June 2020 love life will be innovative and passionate due to the influence of Venus.. The full Moon is on June the 5th. Communication with your partner will be quite good. Do not allow financial differences to spoil the harmony.  There will be some negative energy and influences on your partner during the third decade of the June. Do not listen to advices outside of your family. But, after New Moon on the 21st you will receive very nice news from partner.
  • Singles – The universe has just sent to your sign a strong call for emotional renewal! Venus, the master of love at first sight, opens perspectives more than superb. Rejoice. You will be very desirable in the eyes of others. There will be more contacts; some may remain on the flirting level.  In other words, some contacts may be possibilities for relationships. The second half of the June brings concrete encounters and agreements. Most Taurus will take chances with new persons while some will offer a new opportunity to an ex love.
  • Work – Annular Solar eclipse is on the 21st of the June 2020. The keyword for this eclipse is serendipity.  It brings unexpected good luck and happy coincidences when you least expect it.
  • Health – Planetary aspects are highly beneficial for Taurus health. So, chronic illnesses will be under control. Your disposition will be cheerful and positive due to your excellent well-being.
  • Feng Shui – Put a bowl of water in the north of your home or your living room. It may also be a fish tank, a fountain or a photo of water. Thus, you will ignite career activities, advancement and increase in income. Find north using a compass. Water is never held in the bedroom.
  • Advice of the month – Life hardships are not there to destroy you. Their goal is to help you realize yourself and awake your hidden potential and power. 


  • Couples – As the June 2020 starts, you will have more desire for security and interactions with your partner. The full Moon on the 5th of June  lies in your house of home and family. In other words, you want to create a reliable environment for yourself. Love life will be affected by your conflicts at the workplace in the middle of the month. Venus will help your romance if you forget about professional problems. The new Moon is on the 21st . In other words, you’ll experience some blissful moments and memorable occasions.
  • Singles – The full Moon enters Sagittarius on the 5th of June  and love will happen for most of Gemini. In other words, single Gemini  have finally reached those love days . You will laugh again, and feel  joy and energy once more. You will attract partner. June  will be a rather romantic phase. So, communication with opposite sex will be straightforward, clear and honest. So, Mercury is retrograde on the 18th of the June and  may spoil your chances if you are aggressive. Otherwise, there is no problem in forming love relationships this month.
  • Work – You are entering the month of motivation. You have a new kind of optimism growing inside of you. Mercury is retrograde from the 18th of June till the 12th of July so do not invest money  in new projects during this period.
  • Health – it is pretty stable. Work on your habits.  Replace the harmful with the healthy ones. In other words, your body will be grateful for that. Right exercise and healthy food will boost your immunity.
  • Feng Shui – Broken things do not have a place in your home. Broken and damaged items, being furniture or a facade, attract problems. Repair them or throw them away and remove constant problems and blockades from your life.
  • Advice of the month – Words and hearts should be handle with care, because words when spoken and hearts when broken are the hardest thing to repair.


  • Couples – The full Moon is on the 5th of the June 2020. That initiates improvement in your love life. Mars will make love more passionate, while Mercury will improve the understanding with your partner. After the 15th, you will be occupied with your children if you have them. Married couples will spend most time at home. Some Cancers in relationships will split with partner but there are no indications that you will remain alone. Jupiter in your sign.  In other words Jupiter is expanding you in every way.
  • Singles – With Venus in your sign, you look more attractive. Miracles can happen if you are single. Expect complete fulfillment of your love desires. You are ready for love, you want to attract partner and soul mate. Your chances for falling in love are more than fair, if you keep faith, you could meet someone good in the middle of the month. So, pay attention to new people in sign of Taurus, Pisces and Virgo.
  • Work – There may be ups and downs in financial matters, but you will be able to manage them well. You may be going on short business trips. Impulsive spending from June the 1st to the 5th can cause headaches. Finances need careful evaluation.
  • Health – No major problem is seen in the health-front. Relaxation methods such as meditation and yoga will assist you to maintain your mental health.
  • Fen Shui – Cleanse your home of negative energy with plants. Plants symbolize nature, growth, creativity and they clean the air. So, get some strong plants. You don’t have to exaggerate, but if you have a lot of appliances in the house procure one or two plants more.
  • Advice of the month – We don’t often express our feelings for the fear of losing a relationship. But we lose a beautiful relationship by not expressing . So try to express Ur feelings.


  • Couples – The full Moon in Sagittarius is on June the 5th. In other words, this leads to stability and security that your heart truly desires. So, no matter the details, things that start this month will have guaranteed long term consequences. Your love life continues to blossom through June thanks to Venus moving through your sign. So, You will feel completely adored by your lover. After the 21st, some misunderstandings may occur. Do not be shy or too aggressive! You’re more sensitive than usual to beauty and nature.  In other words, take time to appreciate them.
  • Singles – Love looks promising now. If you have sweetheart, expect good vibrations and communication. Singles will find love partners among friends. So, you’ll have no trouble attracting others. Your flirty nature will be at its brightest! But, do not start relationships with involved persons or earth signs, that won’t have any kind of future.
  • Work – The work environment may test your patience at times, but no need for you to be too concerned. It is essential for you to finish your tasks on priority and not to keep anything pending.
  • Health – Not bad, not bad at all. All health problems can be removed with minimum medical attention. Chronic diseases will be under control.
  • Feng Shui – Put to night cabinets by the bed you sleep at. They support coming and preservation of your love life. But, they do not have to come in pairs or be typical. You can even put chairs or benches instead.
  • Advice of the month – True friend is not the one who meets you and talks with you every day. Truly friend is the one who may or may not meet you, but always think of you and your happiness.


  • Couples –The month is divided into two periods, one less easy the other easy.  A turning point in your relationship is on June the 5th. The Full Moon is in Sagittarius.  After that love will be romantic. There will be passion opportunities to satisfy your love ambitions. Finally, the new Moon is in Cancer on the 21st of the June.  This is a good day to start something new, like reading a new book or to start a new hobby. You will have quality time with your friends and family. You’ll see no problem in fighting for them. Your moral values are much higher these days.
  • Singles – will have love opportunities in their social surroundings after the 17th. It is important that you should be able to express your feelings freely and be natural. The planet of love is in your sign in the second half of the month. That increases chances for unexpected love with a completely new person. It may be an introduction through friends or even via social media. The advice is not to make rash decisions.  In other words, take your time and make the right choice.
  • Work –Your employer will certainly appreciate your effort. You could reap the benefits of your work. June  and its energy will bring you opportunities to make more money. Somebody is waiting for you to apologize.
  • Feng Shui – Always keep the bathroom doors closed and the toilet seat shut. In ancient Chinese tradition water is connected to wealth. You surely don’t wish that your money leaves the house spends itself without planning.
  • Advice of the month – The loser says “It’s Possible but it’s Difficult”. The winner says “It’s Difficult but Possible”. Be Winner In your life Life.


  • Couples – June 2020 is an absolutely ideal month for strengthening relationships with your close ones. Libras will be open to build stronger bonds.  They won’t have a problem saying what they think. You will bring out some new ideas. Your partner will support you and you will become more connected. The new Moon is in Cancer on the 21st of the June. You will attract pleasant experiences, and you can synchronize your own ideas with those of others.
  • Singles – In fact, you’ve got more courage than usual this month. This will ramp up your powers of attraction. Pay attention to period between the Full Moon on the 5th of June and the New Moon on the 21st of June. You may find love in a person of a different nation or culture. You might be brave enough to make the first move and ask someone out in your social circle. Just let the magic of life work.
  • Work –A New Moon at the top of your chart on June the 21st is all about a professional opportunity that you don’t see it is coming. There’s an exciting career change coming your way. In conclusion, the universe wants you to go for it.
  • Health – Pretty variable. In the second part of the month you may have some difficulties in you joints and spine. We recommend morning stretching or taking up yoga. Libras could try some relaxing technics like meditations.
  • Feng Shui – Get rid of at least the half of your unusefull things in your home that you haven’t been using at least for a year and get rid of the ballast of the past and the headache.
  • Advice of the month – The man who has done less than his best – have done nothing.


  • Couples – On the 5th of June 2020  the  full Moon is in Sagittarius.  You have more power than you realize to turn your intentions into something tangible. Events around you speed up. Those events awaken a feeling that you are losing control. But, that is not true. You should focus on your relationship and family. You might be ready to start a creative project with an extraordinary potential for success for the both of you. On the 21st of June, the new Moon in Cancer is bringing good news and stability.
  • Singles – If you are single, you will be a true warrior, ready to conquer and to fight for the love of the person you like. And those opportunities will certainly present themselves. In conclusion, June  is ideal for new love. At the middle of the month,, most of you will start communication with someone through friends or relatives and strike to the centre. Scorpio who do not have sweetheart will meet a new person in water sign around 15th.
  • Work – The Solar Eclipse of the 21st is encouraging for career progress in the long term. You tend to work beyond your physical and mental capacity. This may affect your health.
  • Health –You will easily overcome health problems  by minding your diet. Swap carbonated drinks and alcohol with herbal tea.
  • Feng shui – You must energize south-east corner if you want to be rich. That is a corner of wealth and prosperity. Put some green verdant plants there. Put some green carpets and curtains on.
  • Advice of the month – Worrying doesn’t reduce yesterday’s sorrow.  So don’t worry, stay happy and make others happy.


  • Couples – The  Full Moon is in Sagittarius on the 5th  of  June.  You will work on achieving common goals with your partner. You will be able to achieve something that is important to you. Mercury will bring open conversations about serious common topics. Your connection will gain in quality. The second half of the June brings  you the opportunity to travel on a vacation together, at least on a weekend . On the Jun of 20th the Sun enters Cancer .  In other words, you are more curious, sociable and open to new experiences.
  • Singles – The Mercury is retrograde   on the 18th of June. The game of love  is not easy. It is very possible that you fall in love with someone you work with. Although things are complicated, it is quite possible that the sympathies are mutual. What is important is not to rush anything. So,  do not to show too much initiative. June is not a good time to rush into new love relationships.
  • Work –Your financial field looks good. Actually, it looks very good. Financial input is possible near the 28th of the June   when Mars enters Aries. Very good prediction for career and finances. No time for fear.
  • Health – June 2020 will challenge you to focus on the physical. You will have so much energy that you will probably have a problem calming yourself, which could lead to insomnia. For example, start doing some yoga asanas.
  • Feng Shui – Put a wooden frog with a coin in her mouth on the south east side of the apartment. Be still and wait for finance improvement.
  • Advice of the month – The shortest way to do many things is to do a single thing at a time. 


Couples – The full Moon is in Sagittarius on the 5th of June.  That demands a new beginning. But Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces on 13th of  month. Capricorn will survive if you are able to make compromises with your partner this month. Mars and Venus are not very helpful for marital stability. Allow things to pass till the 22th. A New Moon lands in your partnership sector on June the 21st , bringing a happy surprise from your partner. It’s also possible you’ll become engaged at this time. Sagittarius will also tend to try new things in their relationships. In conclusion, June 2020will give you a lot of different experiences, and you will discover what you really love doing.

Singles – The beginning of the month brings forth a  big desire to finally end some undefined relationships. From the 5th of June , the Full Moon  is in Sagittarius. That brings a lot of joy and blessings. There will be plenty of romantic openings. Love can be found in your workplace while discharging your career responsibilities. Love life will be harmonious with your professional life. Anyhow, you will have a smile on your face. New relationships will have better chances of survival after the Mercury retrograde in June 2020.

Work – There’s a lot happening in your financial and work sector.   It looks quite good. Venus enters your 8th House of  resources on June  the 3th and immediately creates a link to Saturn. If you are focused on a family money matter or a real estate transaction, everything does appear to go in your favor.

Health – There is an underlined nervousness cause by financial situation and love issues. This feeling will disappear from the 15th of June 2020. Health is pretty stable.

Feng shui – Open your windows as often as you can, and allow as much natural light into your home. There are also Feng Shui plants that are air-purifying like Areca Palm, Rubber Plant, or Dracaena.

Advice of the month – The Small Moon can eclipse the Great Sun. You too can do great If you set yourself  In the right place at right time.


  • Couples – The conjunction of Sun with the Venus on the 3th of June will lead to the necessary changes in your relationship. You will try to adapt to each other in everything where there was disagreement before. The square of the Venus with Mars will make it harder for you because it will arouse various doubts and mistrust. The New Moon is on the 21st of June and your partner will start to show more emotions towards you, which will suit you as well. This will allow you to overcome disagreements and strengthen trust. You need more fun and entertainment in a relationship. Make an effort about it.
  • Singles – Your love life is about to become a main area of focus. There will be plenty twists and turns along the way. You have the opportunity to meet someone promised to your destiny. The tranquility phase will last only at the beginning of the month. On the 5th  of June  the full Moon enters Sagittarius. This offers opportunities for changes in the emotional status. True love can be found in your locality and with the help of family members. Pay attention on water horoscope signs.
  • Work –  Monthly horoscope for the month of  June is highly encouraging for career prospects. Your work area is bringing you pleasant circumstances and some of you might be promised financial reward.
  • Feng Shui – The centre of your home is its heart which transmits energy to its other parts. Put an aquarium with goldfish there. They are a symbols of money and prosperity.
  • Advice of the month – There is never a wrong time to do the right thing.


  • Couples – an exceptionally important month for emotional life is ahead of you. The Venus square Saturn  in the first week of the month. Couples – an exceptionally important month for emotional life is ahead of you.  The the full Moon in at the 5th  of June   will ignite events that bring changes. Long-time couples, expects a drastic change in your union. Uranus opens a window for a liberating breath. However, love lives and changes together. In conclusion, the changes are for the best. June  is full of new learning, which you desire for. So, You will hear some information  that you will use in the future to your advantage.
  • Singles – Singles have great personal charm and are able to attract love mates easily. The period after the 15th is encouraging for meeting soul mate .You may find love at the workplace among seniors. However, love at first sight, is on the cards. Love is a positive area of your life this month. It’s possible the New Moon on June the 21st   could bring a juicy and exciting love. An intense love awaits you, lucky!  You do not like mushy romance novels, this month could however make you change your mind when it comes to love.
  • Work – Well now, you would like to relax a bit, but your obligations will hardly let you do that. Whether you take the easy or the hard way, you will have to display a high level of responsibility, if you want to avoid criticism.
  • Health – You are trying to improve your health. You are doing well. You will have all the will power and resolve to start some new healthy habits and physical activities. In conclusion, that will not only improve your mood but strengthen your body and decrease the fatigue that you are feeling.
  • Feng shui – The wealth color in Feng Shui is gold.  Try to  incorporate gold items into your home. This can be a painting or frame, rugs or pillows . This color is a Feng Shui wealth essential and the second is purple.
  • Advice of the month – A smile can open the heart faster than a key can open a door. Smiles are free, do not save them, make the world more beautiful with your smile.