Moonstone – characteristics and use

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mesecev kamen 2COLOR: white, cream, yellow, blue, green
APPEARANCE: Venetians, airy, all sizes
FREQUENCY: Easily accessible
SOURCE: India, Sir Lanka, Australia



  • features1Moonstone is a stone of “new beginnings.” It is strongly associated with the moon and intuition. Like the moon, the stone is reflective and reminds us that it is all part of the circle of changes. Its  greatest effect is – settling emotions. Moonstone make us aware of the unconscious and stimulates our  intuition and empathy. Causes  lucid dreams when the Moon is full. Moonstone is traditionally used to reinforce extrasensory abilities and to develop clairvoyance. It can be worn as a pendant to facilitate the acceptance of your supra-sensual gifts.
  • Psychologically, Moonstone decreases the hasty reactions. Stone is filled with a passive, feminine energy. It helps men who are trying to reach out to the female side of his personality. It is  the perfect antidote to overly macho man or overly aggressive women.
  • Mentally, Moonstone opens the mind. You must be careful because  it can  cause hallucinations in response to the strong desires. Emotionally it soothes emotional instability and stress, stabilize emotions. Physically, Moonstone powerfully affects the female reproductive cycle and reduces anxiety during the menstrual cycle, and harmonize the hormonal system.

    chacrasHEALING EFFECTS – Moonstone helps the digestive and reproductive system; assimilates nutrients, eliminates toxins and excess fluid, alleviates degenerative conditions of the skin, hair, eyes, liver and pancreas. Excellent for PMS, conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Elixir of lunar stone was used for insomnia, and to prevent the Moon Walking (sleepwalking).

    POSITIONING AND USE – Wear as a ring or put at the head of a spiritual experience, and solar plexus or the heart for emotions. Women should remove the moonstone on a full moon.


– Greeks called it selenite,  after the goddess of the moon Selene, because of a slight bluish iridescent color.
– Romans believed that it had captured the moon, and Pliny about him says, “He is the image of the month is changing from day to day.”mesecev kamen 1
– Arabs moonstone donated as a cornerstone of fertility.
– Hindus consider it sacred stone and believed to bring good dreams, happiness, and awakens passion with your lover. Arab women wear it stitched into clothing because they believe it is a symbol of fertility.

– Moonstone is considered as  lovers stone. It  brings luck in love because it  encourages gentle emotions of people who wears them. It has medicinal properties and brings sweet dreams, and if held in the mouth in the night of full moon it allows its owner to see the future. Its power is increased by a full moon, and it should be left in the open to absorb moonbeams.

It  is also known as the garden stone because it helps in the growth and development of vegetables.


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