Onyx – characteristics and use

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Also, ONIKSCOLOR: black, gray, blue, brown, yellow, red
APPEARANCE: Striped, mottled like marble, often poliran. All sizes
FREQUENCY : Easily accessible
SOURCE: Italy, Mexico, the US, Russia, Brazil, South Africa
CHEMICAL FORMULA: Onyx (variety of quartz, chalcedony) SiO2


  • rp_features1-300x225.jpgOnyx gives strength. In other words, it provides support in difficult circumstances.  Also, it supports us in periods of severe mental or physical stress. It focuses your energy and coordinate with higher energies. Also, it can  bring you forward to see the future and  facilitates the management of your own destiny. Also, this stone encourages vitality, endurance and stamina. Promotes learning, gives confidence and helps you to relax. Above all, this crystal is a mysterious stone that promotes independence. It is said that this crystal  contains all  the memories of people who wears it. It can  be used in psychometric, to tell the story to those who are sensitive to their vibrations.
  • Onyx is very useful for exploring past lives, in the process of treatment. Holding the pieces of onyx carries your mind to a place of previous injury. Onyx is also used to heal old woes and sorrows. Psychologically, this crystal recognizes and integrates dualities within personality. Eliminates distractions and gives self-control. Also,  onyx is a mental tonic that soothes fears and concerns. Physically, onyx helps with absorption of energy from the universe, which is necessary for treatment. It brings into balance the yin and yang energies within the body.

chacrasHEALING EFFECTS – Onyx is beneficial for teeth, bones, bone marrow, blood disease and foot.

POSITIONING AND USE: Wear not the left side of the body. Also, put or kept wherever needed. Traditionally, if a person wears this crystal at his neck the onyx will   calm lust and encourage virtue.

INTERESTING FACTS: According to Greek myth, Cupid   cuts nails of dormant Aphrodite with his arrows and scattered them on the beaches around the world. So, seeing this, the parks  turned nails into black stone in order not to destroy any part of the divine body.

In the first century naturalist Pliny the Elder describes onyx  treatment techniques in his book Naturalis Historia.

The ancient Romans were making   seals of this crystal, because it it does not stick to the wax. Embossed onyx, so-called. cameo in the rings are very attractive.

In the Renaissance the engraved this crystal is  used in necklaces and brooches.

In the Victorian era, black onyx jewelry was worn in mourning. It reflected the sadness of the owner. Also,  in the Art Deco style was popular as a contrast ruby or diamond.


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