Pearls – characteristics and use

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  • biserCOLOR: White, black, pink, green, blue, silver, gold. It depends on the type of shellfish, water temperature and the environment in which it lives.
    APPEARANCE: smooth round to oval,  grow in the form of tiles, arranged in layers and connected to each other
    FREQUENCY: Easily accessible
    SOURCE: Australia, Central America, the Persian Gulf, the Indian Ocean, China, Japan

    rp_features1-300x225.jpgFEATURES – The pearls are gems that brings love and passion. It raises sexual energy, it is the most powerful aphrodisiac of all gems. Crystallizes in the orthographic system. The organic substance is formed on the inside of the shells. It has a crystalline structure as well as the outer part of the shell, consisting of 80-90% calcium carbonate and calcite, and a small portion of water. Crystals grow in the form of a plate, arranged in layers and joined together with a mixture of proteins. This gives them a high degree of rigidity and impact resistance. Gloss (luster) is formed by the fracture of the light.

  • Pearls are symbols of good luck. Pearls are also the birthstones for people who are born in the month of June. Pearls also have aphrodisiac properties.  It is said that placing a pearl under one’s pillow and sleeping on it will help childless couples to conceive. The wearing of pearls is said to cure madness.  Also to be beneficial in the treatment of jaundice, and snake and insect bites. Pearls are also believed to cure depression in women.
chacrasTREATMENT –  happiest of all gems. heals energy blockages and brings love and passion . It is good to ware it  when the physical energy is low and when the situation is difficult. Pearls have aphrodisiac properties.

POSITIONING AND USE –  keep it around your  neck , near the heart chakra


  • The Pearl is surrounded by legends. In ancient Greece the word pearl indicate  a “perfect purity” and in ancient Rome, charm and enjoyment.
  • The Egyptian queen Cleopatra reached for the mysterious power of pearls. According to the legend Cleopatra was melted (powder) pearls in wine in order to seduce Mark Antony.
  • Legends and pictures in India showed the pearls as magical talismans.  In the figures of warriors moving into battle, we can see the shields bordered with pearls, to protect them from accidents.
  • Pearls were also known as love jewelry in India and Persia. The old Persians crushed pink pearls, gold and amber powder prepared fragrant pills that are used to enhance sexual prowess.


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