Perfect gift for Aquarius man

rp_aquarius-248x3001.jpggift 2If you   wish to charm an Aquarius man or simply let him know how special he is in your life, here are a few gift suggestions which will bowl him over.

tabletAquarius man is the great innovator attracted to the highly advanced. Perfect gift for him is something of hi-tech gadgets or electronics. Look for a GPS system if he is on the road very often. You could try a state-of-the art cooking range or the latest electronic consumables. You could buy him a car DVD player or you could settle for the latest high-definition wall-mounted TV set or a digital camera. The best part of electronic items is that they come in various types and budgets and are appropriate as much for a dad, brother, partner or son of this zodiac.

scienceAquarius men are keenly interested in the knowledge systems of the future. Perfect gift will be to take him out to a science convention or a tech fair. He will love connecting with the thoughts and ideas of the future and find deep pleasure in exchanging views and information with people. The Aquarius personality is sociable nature and has a tendency to be polite and agreeable in company. He believes in keeping an emotional distance in his relationships, but he is likely to have lively circle of friends.

bookSince Aquarius men have a keen mind, books are a great choice when it comes to gifts. You can look at science, philosophy and travel as these are favorite areas of discussion for him. Aquarius men are blessed with a genuine altruistic nature. They are drawn to studies and theories that will make the world a better place, he believes in carrying the gifts of knowledge and thought and pouring it out for humanity. You can also choose books on social economics, political history and e welfare studies.

yogaAquarius man is attracted to the new and different thoughts and things. He is not traditional which is why a gift that is trite and conventional might bore him. Look for unusual gift ideas like subscription to yoga classes, gift coupons for an acupuncture session or scuba-diving lessons since the Aquarius man is partial to water.

vacationHe is attracted to the unconventional, so you can gift him a vacation to a place frequented by the few. A desert holiday or a trek through the cold mountains may be the thing to capture the imagination of him. If you find such vacations too difficult to arrange for give the conventional midnight beach bonfire a miss and instead arrive at the beach. You can have huge fun throwing the glow sticks at each other or having a game of Frisbee. Don’t forget to pack along a hamper of soda and sandwiches so that you can munch on something after all the fun and games.