Perfect gift for Aquarius woman

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rp_aquarius-248x3001.jpggift 2If you wish to charm an Aquarius woman or simply let her know how special she is in your life, here are a few gift suggestions which will bowl her over.

clubAquarius woman has a keen, inquiring mind. They are interested in getting into the heart of everything and knowing how it works. Perfect gift for her is a good book. Look for titles ranging through culture, science, travel, social issues. She hates Steer clear boring historical books or mushy romances. The trite and conventional bore her which is why she may not be interested in the recent best sellers. Gift your Aquarius woman a membership to a book club or invite to a famous book-launch and an after-party.

An Aquarius woman has a good taste in cultural pursuits. She loves to be well dressed and fashionable. She does not follow the dictates of the fashion runway. When choosing a gift for her, take care to select clothing that is smart and proper to a special occasion. She tend to wear streamlined, futuristic dresses. Her colors are bright fuchsia, cobalt blue or charcoal gray or anything else that brings out the free-spirited personality she is.

jewlwry manAquarius woman loves jewelry as well. It is not enough to her to be decked in something that is expensive or conventional. Instead her taste in jewelry is unique and individual. You could do well by getting her a ring studded with a special crystal or a bead bracelet woven into an African design. There is originality about her and you would do well to keep this in mind when choosing a personal gift for her.

tabletAquarius woman has a deep interest in technology. She doesn’t care if it is“guy stuff”. She will be only happy to talk of the newest version of i-Pad. When choosing a gift for her, explore hi-tech gadgets like the newest GPS system or a digital camera. If you are looking for something more personal, look for a beeper with voice mail capability. This will satisfy her desire to remain connected with friends and best of all allow you to leave her intimate messages.

birdsdolphinsAquarius woman needs originality in lifestyle and outlook. She is open to enjoying any kind of experience that is spontaneous and different. Look for unique and creative experiences you can treat her. Take her on a bird-watching tour or go swimming with dolphins or to a car club. Many of these car clubs arrange for fun caravans. Aquarius woman will be thrilled at all the adventure and glad that you thought up of something so different.

recicleGood choice is gifts of new thoughts and ideas on humanity. They are fair-minded and deeply care about human progress. Anything from a nice-looking recycled coffee table, to a donation in her name, would please her. You could take her at a school for underprivileged children with special needs. Your time and effort spent here will leave your Aquarius woman with a deep sense of satisfaction at having made a difference, in however a small way.


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