Perfect gift for Cancer woman

CANCER manrp_gift-2-300x199.jpgIf you wish to charm an Cancer woman or simply let her know how special she is in your life, here are a few gift suggestions which will bowl her over.

bookEmotions are very important for a Cancer woman; she is sensitive so when looking for a gift for your Cancer woman, choose something that expresses your feelings for her. Perfect choice is a book of romantic poetry. Even romantic novels or a book of love quotations can be great gift for her since she needs to feel emotionally close to her close ones.
perfumeCancer woman is highly feminine and seductive. That is why is one of the best gifts for her perfume like those which have definite floral notes. Floral fragrances are composed of essential oils extracted from flowers like rose, jasmine, orange blossom, carnation, gardenia and lavender. Such floral fragrances are perfect gifts since their mild and lush notes go well with the innate charm, sympathetic natures and pleasing manners of Cancer woman.

pillowCancer woman loves home and family. A Cancer woman is the happiest at the center of a large family and comfortable home. That is why is a great gift item of home d├ęcor, especially those that provide a cozy homely atmosphere like plush pillows, soft rugs and flowing curtains.
recipesCancer women love cooking to feed their family and friends. Cookware, cookbooks, and gift certificates to kitchenware shops are gifts that would satisfy the nurturing aspect. Alternately you can also give her lessons at a cooking class or cooking video which will enlarge her substantial culinary repertoire.

candlesCancer women are naturally inclined to relax. For her own well-being, your cancer woman may love nothing more than a soothing bubble bath. The water is her natural element. A great gift for her are natural essential oils, natural candles. Look for bath accessories like bath salts, scented candles and aromatic lotions that you can gift to help her soothe feel relaxed. Likewise she will also be happy with cozy pajamas and bathrobes. White, cream, and silver are the best colors for her.

vacationCancer woman is very happy on vacations near water. You can arrange for her to spend a few days on a tropical beach or you can whisk her away to a lakeside resort. Remember not to seek for too many water sports or aquatic adventures since she likes to take life easy and water to her is a calming and relaxing element. Another great idea on the holiday theme would be to gift her stay at a spa.
Cancer woman is usually easier to please in matters of gifting. Just be sure to infuse lots of romance into your gift ideas and show that you are sensitive to her feelings and needs.