Perfect gift for Capricorn man

rp_Capricorn-1-253x3001.jpggift 2If you wish to charm an Aries man or simply let him know how special he is in your life, here are a few gift suggestions which will bowl him over.

jewlwry manThough Capricorn men like to dress on the conservative side that is why he will be very happy if you gift consists of the right kind of jewelry. Capricorn men tend to place a high value on the material worth of things. Remember that t is not so much about how much a gift costs but the fact that a piece of fine jewelry is associated with good taste. You can give him rings and bracelets in precious metals like platinum, white gold or silver. Make sure that they come in clean designs and are fuss-free.

bicycleCapricorn man is industrious and hard-working. Capricorn man will keep pushing one foot after another until he fulfilled a task. That is why a great gift for such a man is something that allows him to do his favorite work more efficiently. He loves bikes. A wind-resistant helmet for your biker will allow him to ride farther while power tools would be just the thing for the man interested in home improvement. These gifts would express his physical sturdiness and also cater to his purposeful lifestyle. Keep your focus on tools that have multiple uses since he is very practical man.
tabletkalendar 2Capricorn man has amazing organization skills. Along with a tendency to take responsibility, they also have a knack for planning. That is why any gift which further hones his organization skills would be highly appreciated by him. You can choose a laptop, a netbook, tablet a digital calendar. You can also give him a luxury watch. Such watches go much beyond the practical function they are one of the most definitive expressions of an upper class lifestyle. Capricorn man loves aristocratic look.

stocksCapricorns tend to hold the material worth of a thing in high regard. That is why a great gift is something with a money theme. You can look for something like money clip engraved with his monogram or a wallet made of fine leather or coin machine that sorts and rolls coins. In fact you can trust a Capricorn man to welcome gifts of money, gift cards or even stocks and bonds.
bookCapricorn man is avid readers. Books could make for great gift choices. Just ensure that they are not about magic realism, sentimental fiction or abstract philosophy. The best choice in books would be how-to guides or those giving practical information on some particular activity. You can also go for DVDs on a whole range of practical information related to hobbies and even professional tips.
suitA Capricorn man is conventional and holds in high esteem the traditional symbols of power and success. If you can afford it, gift him a membership to an exclusive country club or a high-profile golf club where he can develop business contacts. If it is too much for you treat him to a black-tie affair like the opera or a fund raising dinner. He will look forward to networking with such high-profile people.