Perfect gift for Pisces woman

rp_Pisces-196x300.jpggift 2If you wish to charm an Pisces woman or simply let her know how special she is in your life, here are a few gift suggestions which will bowl her over.

love letterPisces woman are extremely sensitive to the emotional needs and moods of them and of people around them. One of the best gifts to impress her would be something that appeals to her emotional side. You could write her a love letter which expresses your feelings or buy her special edition copy love poetry. You cam also give her something more material like jewelry because it is almost always a great gift idea for women. You may choose a string of genuine freshwater pearls or a watch. Remember to select something that gives a soft and romantic feel instead of being dramatic or ostentatious.

Beef StewPisces woman are highly imaginative people and very creative. You can impress her if you gift her something unique that you made especially for her and by yourself. This could be something as a song that you have written or a hand made coffee table or even a home-made dinner that you have cooked yourself. You can just create the right ambiance with soft lights, perfumed candles and muted because for her, ideally the atmosphere should be as romantic as the gift itself. You can also choose a gift that will bring out her own artistic side like ballet tickets for a dancer, a CD for a musician, paint or a canvas for an artist or a diary.

magicPisces women are highly spiritual in nature and immensely imaginative in mind. The sign is associated with the intuitive self as well as a world of dreams and secrets. You could look for gifts that appeal to this aspect of her personality like maybe a book on interpretation of dreams or perhaps a deck of Tarot cards. Pisces also likes illusions, books on magic and divination would be welcome but for a fun take, you can gift her with tickets to a magic show.

candlesPisces not only love being lost in their dream world, they are particularly partial to the indulgence by water. So gift her whole range of bath accessories like scented bath oil, perfumed bath salts, bubble bath and f a soft bathrobe. Since the Pisces sign rules the feet, a gift certificate for a pedicure or foot massage at her favorite spa could make for an especially thoughtful gift.

vacationYou won’t make a mistake if you take Pisces woman to a vacation near water. You could buy her flight tickets to a tropical beach or arrange for her to stay in a mountain cabin by the side of lake or even a riverside resort with extensive spa. This would be in keeping with her tendency to withdraw from the real world, every now and then. One of the ways they cope is by occasionally withdrawing from the daily world into arts or travel so that they can recharge themselves and then come back to face the world with a stronger heart.