Perfect gift for Sagittarius woman

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sagittarius firerp_gift-2-300x199.jpgIf you wish to charm an Sagittarius woman or simply let her know how special she is in your life, here are a few gift suggestions which will bowl her over.

bungiepark zabaveA Sagittarius woman would appreciate anything that is fun, fast-paced and with lots of action. So when looking for a gift, take her to the discotheque, an amusement park, racing tracks and gaming pavilions at entertainment venues. She is very optimistic which makes her particularly avid gamer. Make sure that you do not encourage her into hardcore gambling since she can be rather impulsive sometimes and not always guided by common sense.

bookMost Sagittarius woman has a markedly philosophical side. Their minds have far-thinking ability. Books are the natural gift of choice for them because their intellect is as expansive as it is progressive. Look for important works of famous philosophers, social scientists, humanists, and political reformers and thinkers. They are noble at heart and are strongly motivated by humanitarian concerns. Any evidence of mean-mindedness or exploitation is enough to rouse their deepest anger. You can also arrange for her to attend a lecture series by a well-known thinker or writer or perhaps take her to attend a workshop on progressive ideas and initiatives.

campingSagittarius women are rather physical people, they love the outdoors activities. Great gift is to take her into the mountains and camping under the stars. Sporting events could also make great treats. You can also take her sky diving or bungee jumping or spend a day rock climbing, indoors or outdoors. The Sagittarius woman is all about living in the moment and having adventures. If you are busy hiking through mountain trails one day, try Latin dancing another night.

vacationThe easiest way to make a Sagittarius woman happy is to gift her with a vacation. They love packing their bags and heading off for the unknown. No destination is to boring or too dangerous for a Sagittarius woman if it includes the prospect of seeing new sights and meeting new people. Arrange for her to explore the uncharted islands or the wilderness of an African safari. If you cannot afford that find a gift that’s related to travel like luggage, rucksacks, belted wallets as well as branded sunglasses or glossy travel brochure. Alternately you can look for more practical stuff like guide books to the venue of her next vacation or travel games to take her mind off monotonous plane or car rides. as many Sagittarius women do.

perfumeIf you wish to make your gift more beautiful, look for a perfume which best expresses the free-spirited, expansive personality of her. Go for fragrances with fruity notes. You can select something with her relevant birthstone or gift her bracelet with a archer or centaur charm that is representative of the Sagittarian zodiac sign. It is great to personalize the gift.


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