Perfect gift for Scorpio woman

rp_scorpio-1-249x3001.jpgrp_gift-2-300x199.jpgIf you wish to charm an Scorpio woman or simply let her know how special she is in your life, here are a few gift suggestions which will bowl her over.

glovessunglasesScorpios are known for their secrecy, they are able to hide their emotions beneath a calm and deliberate exterior. This combined with their essentially powerful personalities makes a Scorpio woman an almost femme fatale. So when choosing a clothing or accessory for her, gift her cape or wrap or go for designer sunglasses or elegant gloves which heighten the feeling of delicious mystery. She loves black, purple and maroon which evoke passion and mystery. She likes “spy gadgets” as a multifunction watch, a secret voice recorder or penlight.
тиркизjuwlaryShe also loves jewelry. The birthstone for Scorpio is turquoise. You can give her a locket or a pair of ear studs made from the stone. While a Scorpio is not so much concerned with the material worth of a gift, she has a keenly perceptive nature. Ensure that your gift is of the highest quality. Anything cheap and shoddy will only dismissed by her.
briefcaseThe Scorpio woman feels that whatever she wears should convey the power and confidence of her personality. She will appreciate a fine leather briefcase, passport holder, purse or wallet that will be noticeable in the workplace. She is passionate about all that she does, any gift that will help to enhance her job performance or education, or one that will make her more skilled at her hobbies and personal interests, is appropriate.
bookScorpio woman loves to read. Thus thriller novels and detective fiction may prove highly interesting. You can also consider gifting her a special edition classic thriller or documentary films about worlds mysteries. Book on dream interpretation, a treatise on numerology to learn her life cycle or a book on astrology to learn more about her compatible mate is a great gift too because Scorpios have an uncanny knack of looking straight into the heart of people and learning the truth about them.
perfumePassionate is a key word for a Scorpio woman. She will appreciate gifts that celebrate her sexual allure without exploiting it. Great gift is perfume with Oriental scents. This type of fragrance is warm, rich and sensual and usually made from a seductive blend of incense, amber, spices, balsam and resins. Another great gift option for her would be sexy lingerie like lace undergarments and satin nightwear. Let her feel the supple movement of leather along her body with the gift of a pair of leather pants.