Perfect gift for Taurus woman

Taurus man1gift 2If you wish to charm an Taurus woman or simply let her know how special she is in your life, here are a few gift suggestions which will bowl her over.

juwlaryA Taurus woman is very practical and material security is very important to her. The best way to satisfy her need for material security is to give her something expensive like jewelry. She values precious things and has a keen sense of the material worth of a gift. So go for rings and ear-studs in solitaire diamonds or you can go for expensive gemstones like rubies but ensure that they are well-cut and mounted on an expensive setting. Taurus rules the throat, so a choker of pearls can also make a great gift.

perfumelavanderIf you do not have enough money for jewelry you can just as easily appeal to her sensual side. Remember that she will love to be indulged with things that smell good so you can give her a perfume or buy her a fragrance that is her particular favorite. You can put together a gift hamper consisting of eau de colognes, bath salts, body washes and facial sprays .She loves lavender and rose. You can also gift her with a session at her favorite salon or a weekend at a spa resort.
silk scarfIn keeping with the sensual theme, you can also look for things that are soft and smooth against her skin like a silk scarf in paisley motifs. Or look for a fur wrap or coat to drape around the slender shoulders of her. Such gifts would not only satisfy the sensual side of her but gratify her need for material worth as well since fabrics like silk and fine wool they are unlikely to come with a cheap price tag

Beef StewchocolateTaurus woman will be very happy if you prepare her a home-cooked dinner. Taurus people are great foodies and will often go to restaurant for the finest wine and dishes that they can afford. So if you want a special gift for Taurus woman, invite her over for dinner at your place but don’t go overboard by making a five course meal which will leave you too tired and stressed . Rather make one great meal and then pair it up with some fresh bread and excellent wine. Don’t go for anything excessively fancy. Remember to end the dinner with some chocolaty cake

shoppingTaurus woman like to possess things and that is why is a great gift idea to take her out for an entire day of shopping. Take her to a new mall in your city or take a tour of an exclusive neighborhood where most of the boutique stores and designer labels are located. If you can, allow her to buy whatever she desires. Finally wind up by stopping for a cup of coffee.

flowers 1Taurus woman loves decorative art. You can always make her happy by sending her flowers. However don’t take the easy way out by going for something cheap and small. look for rare blooms like orchids or flowers which have a sensual appeal like white and purple lilacs. Send them to her in an expensive crystal vase. You can also gift her a potted plant since she is after all an Earth sign.