Perfect gifts for Taurus man

rp_taurus21-224x300.jpggift 2If you wish to charm an Taurus man or simply let him know how special he is in your life, here are a few gift suggestions which will bowl him over.

leadher Taurus men appreciate gifts which indicate expense beltluxury and class. You wont make a mistake with gift items made from fine and handmade leather like: belts, wallets, briefcases. Diaries, pen cases and organizers are other smaller products in the same genre. If you have the resources, go for expensive brands and your Taurus man will be flattered by the luxurious appeal of such gift items.

armchairTaurus man loves creature comforts. He loves things which gives him a sense of ease and prosperity in a very physical way. If you are looking for a gift for older Taurus man, you can give him a large, softly padded armchair into which he can sink and read . For a younger Taurus you can look for comfortable socks or even woolen bedroom slippers. For a man who you don’t know well enough to give such intimate presents, you can choose linen in Egyptian cotton or a Persian rug to make him happy.

scarfPhysical intimacy, softness and tactile pleasures are what turn on a Taurus man. That is why is perfect gift for him the smooth of a silk scarf or the warm softness of a Cashmere pullover. You cant go wrong with a jar of warm, satiny cream to rub his shoulders. It is also a good gift for him an aftershave, shower gel or ticket for his favorite spa or a luxury resort.

musiccdTaurus man loves music. You can give him CD of his favorite band or composer or even the latest mp3 player or speakers system. Remember to personalize the gift and that will surely pamper his ego which is no mean thing with a Taurus male.

collectionThe typical Taurus man is a collector. It is always a good choice to give him something than he collects. If he collects things that are are limited in number and are very expensive you could consider something like a luxury chess set where he can keep his collection.

Beef StewTaurus man enjoys in good food. You can surprise him with some special imported dark or white chocolate or a hamper of gourmet cheese. However avoid getting anything too fancy. Instead stick to foods that recall the happy memories of childhood like chocolate pudding. You can invite him to your place and surprise him with a home-cooked meal . Taurus male likes his women to be nurturing and good cooks.

countrysideThe Taurus is an earth sign so a wonderful gift for him would be a vacation at a luxury inn in the country or spend a few days on a farm. If these are beyond your budget you can take him out on a long drive to the beautiful countryside or spend a whole day picking fruit.