RUNES reading

Telling future with RUNES have long tradition in various countries and firstly appears in 4th century. It was forbuden and secret knowledge for long time but today it again gain popularity because of unique insigths in humane nature, world around us and future. Runes represents varius German, Scandinavian, or anglosaxon alphabets and using those letters on small stones or plates in purpose of telling future, removing bad energy and revitalization. Talismans with runes embeded are very poverful protection from evil and negative infuluences. Word Rune is meaning something that is hidden, deep secret and knowledge.

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Runa Fehu Runa Uruz Runa Thurisaz Runa Ansuz Runa Raidho Runa Kenaz Runa Gebo Runa Wunjo Runa Hagalaz Runa Naudhiz Runa Isa Runa Jera Runa Eihwaz Runa Perthro Runa Elhaz Runa Sowilo Runa Tiwaz Runa Berkano Runa Ehwaz Runa Mannaz Runa Laguz Runa Ingwaz Runa Dagaz Runa Othal