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.sagittariusAccording to yearly horoscope 2020 this is a year of resolutions for the Sagittarius zodiac sign. This is a good time to let go of your past baggage and clean up the things that have been bothering you.







Couples – The Sagittarius will have serious troubles which will take a lot of their time and nerves at the beginning of 2020. You will find yourself between a rock and a hard place and often you will not know to react or position yourself. Sagittarius  will have to be strong and fight, although you would rather run away from everything. Remember that you will get support from the persons you didn’t expect that from.

According to the yearly horoscope 2020, the situation will improve after a couple of months and you will be able to relax. In the meantime, you will become stronger.

You will realize that it wasn’t necessary to get aggravated about nonsense that you thought to be relevant. At the end of the year, in the  autumn and winter,  your life will get back to normal and you will finally be reminded what a careless stress free day looks like. You will be able to devote time for yourself.

You are an example of a harmonious couple and a lot of people will ask you for the recipe for the happy marriage.

Singles – The whole year will be in asign of a new person intertwined with a lot of turbulence. You will meet someone at a gathering, they will stand out in any aspect from the rest. You will wish to acquire their attention, but that will not go as smoothly as planned. Jupiter is in Capricorn, and until the 15th of May it will be a push and pull situation with this person.

They do not want any kind of commitment, they are free spirited. Not until the summer there will be some changes in this regard. You have a strong need for an emotional connection and you will feel relieved. You will get attention and tenderness.

There will not be any major changes in the autumn.  In the winter you will fully tame this person and be able to say that you are in a stable relationship that you see a future in.

Work – The work is stable but finances are not.  According to the yearly horoscope 2020, The spring and summer will be characterized by expenses, both planned and unplanned. It will not be a catastrophe, but it will wear you out. You will be under the influence of Mars from the 12th of September.  The situation will stabilize followed by concrete solutions and help.




Health –  The first half of the year will be filled with colds and allergies. Nothing serious, but somehow there will always be something in play. That will make you change your habits and strengthen your body and soul. You will enforce your immunity in the second part of the year.  You will make decisions that will influence your health in the long run.