Free Past life Tarot Reading

Your Past Life Spread

This mystical Tarot reading is used for past life exploration and their effects on present life. IT should be used with caution. For free past life tarot reading try to remember your ancestors .
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Past Life Emotional Influence

besplatni tarot 1

Page of Wands

This card represents courage and beauty, a quickness to love as well as anger. A carrier of tidings and information.

Past Life Mental Influence

besplatni tarot 2
The King of Wands

Passionate, a spry body and mind, honesty and friendliness.

Past Life Spiritual Influence

besplatni tarot 3
Judgement Reversed

The card represents the failure to find happiness, disenchantment, and the loss of possessions.

Past Life Physical Influence

besplatni tarot 4
Page of Cups

New business opportunities arise. An overactive imagination.

Karmic Debt You Must Pay

besplatni tarot 5
Two of Pentacles Reversed

Faked happiness. Inability to manage more than one thing at a time.

Karmic Lesson You Must Learn

besplatni tarot 6
Five of Cups Reversed

Joy and happiness resurface. New friends and relationships are born. Old friends and loved ones return.

Past Life Impact On Your Life Now

besplatni tarot 7
Ace of Pentacles

Prosperity, pleasure and beauty can be realized.

Past Life Impact On Your Future

besplatni tarot 8
Eight of Swords

Indecision and betrayal may imprision you. Fear may be paralyzing and make if difficult to move away from present problems.

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