Free Past life Tarot Reading

Your Past Life Spread

This mystical Tarot reading is used for past life exploration and their effects on present life. IT should be used with caution. For free past life tarot reading try to remember your ancestors .
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Past Life Emotional Influence

besplatni tarot 1

The Seven of Wands

Courage will bring victory. Success seems certain

Past Life Mental Influence

besplatni tarot 2
Four of Swords Reversed

Activity begins again. Success will be realized. Move with caution and wisdom as your guides.

Past Life Spiritual Influence

besplatni tarot 3
Queen of Pentacles

Feminine qualities take the forefront. In tune with the earth. Nurturing. Wealth and security. Talents put to good use.

Past Life Physical Influence

besplatni tarot 4
Four of Cups

A period of rest in your life and dissatisfaction with material gains. Re-evaluation of your goals.

Karmic Debt You Must Pay

besplatni tarot 5
Page of Cups

New business opportunities arise. An overactive imagination.

Karmic Lesson You Must Learn

besplatni tarot 6
Two of Swords Reversed

Changes in direction are possible, but they may not always be in the right. Release from old bonds. Compassion for the troubled.

Past Life Impact On Your Life Now

besplatni tarot 7
Nine of Cups Reversed

Unfulfilled wishes, bad health and deprivation are possible.

Past Life Impact On Your Future

besplatni tarot 8

This is the card of change and renewal, the emergence of new ideas and opportunites.

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