What do the stars have planned for you Taurus in January 2020? Whether you want to know what’s going to happen with your love life, your career, health or your life in general, we have general monthly horoscope  for the month ahead. On the astrological front, January is all about pushing forward and doing your best to bring more harmony into your life.





CouplesLunar eclipse on the 21st of January will enlighten your 4th house of family. That will fill your heart with joy concerning your family or real estate. You will have some sound possibilities to realise some goals in regard to partnership or home. Your ruler during this month is in the sign of Sagittarius, which implies that your heart and soul are so big that you can welcome many people into them. The month ahead of you can be great to spend time with the loved one, this is the time to clear and smooth things out, it would be a shame to get involved with someone on the side and make problems for yourself.


SinglesThe sun enters your house of truth searching on the 9th of January. Most of you will test the serenity of the people that will approach you. Some will meet new people and some will wish ti know if their ex is being honest in trying to renew their relationship. Some of you will be in the mood for a passionate adventure with a person that has completely opposite convictions than yourself. Unbound dates without expectations will agree with you. A romance is possible in the second half of the month with someone whom is secretive and unapproachable. The contact may incur on social networks.



Work – Your ruling planet, Venus is circling the 8th house of resources between the 7th January and the 3rd of February. Your financial field looks good. Actually, it looks very good. Major financial input is possible near the 22nd January when Venus and Jupiter perfectly align in the said field of work and money.



Health – You feel exhausted. That is typical for a Taurus at this period of the year. The throat will be the first to bear consequences. Beware of the cold air and carbonated drinks. Try to strengthen your immunity during this period.



Feng shui advice – Put a wooden frog with a coin in her mouth on the south east side of the apartment.





Advice of the month – A hopeless man sees difficulties in any occasion. A hopeful one sees opportunity in any kind of difficulty.