What do the stars have planned for you Taurus in March 2020? Whether you want to know what’s going to happen with your love life, your career, health or your life in general, we have general monthly horoscope  for the month ahead. On the astrological front, March is all about interesting vibrations. Mercury continues its retrograde motion and encourages original thinking and remembers us that rules are made to be broken. Saturn is here to teach us many things about the effort required for our growth. Sun enters Aries, and the spring equinox starts, which could bring financial surprises.



Couples – On the 9th of March 2020 the full Moon is in Virgo. This is connected with Saturn which has the potential to fulfill any desires that you might have. You will realize some of your ideas and plan future joint actions. At the second part of the month you will function through oscillations. One moment you will incredibly love each other and perfectly understand one another, while at another you will fight about completely irrelevant issues or take turn in silence. This oscillations will stop on the last weekend of the month when both of you will receive flushes of optimism and positive energy.



Singles – Love opportunities come through work or through friends, even via social media. Think well before you give green light to someone. Some persons will almost seem like perfect beings who materialized to make you happy. You should avoid such persons at any cost. Let’s see what is possible there: some may realize true emotional story with soul mate, some may get carried away and idealize a person only to see in time that they have made a wrong choice.




Work – Mercury is direct on the 10th of March 2020, encouraging original thinking. It is more than possible that those will be fast changes in a positive way. The Sun makes sextile with Jupiter on the next day. You will be overwhelmed with energy of success and glory career wise.




Health – Pretty variable. In the second part of the month you may have some difficulties in you joints and spine. We recommend morning stretching or taking up yoga.




Feng Shui – Get rid of at least the half of your unusefull things in your home that you haven’t been using at least for a year and get rid of the ballast of the past and the headache.




Advice of the month – Three things never come back: Word spoken out loud, the lost time and a neglected opportunity. So, pay attention to what you are saying, do not miss opportunities and do not waste time on insignificant people.