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According To the yearly horoscope 2020 your love of the good life, motivates you to accomplish some great things this year! The new year is full of changes and challenges!







Couples – The stars in 2020 say that your love life will stabilize this year. You will find harmony within yourself as well as with your partner. At the beginning of the year, the Taurus will seek a joint life with their partner starting from winter. However, that will not happen and you will start to doubt love and initiate fights. The coming of the spring will change things. Venus enters Gemini from the 4t of April. By then, you will realize that you are overreacting and the tensions will stop. Hence, many in the Taurus sign will get married or have a baby in 2020.

As we approach summer, you will find harmony within and with your partner. This year is a good time for your relationship to become such as you wanted it to be. You bring changes to your relationship. There will be a lot of minor changes this year, but the effects will be enormous. Venus becomes retrograde in Gemini on the 13th of May. A malicious person will cause problems in your relationship. By the end of the month you will see through their true intentions and will not allow them to manipulate you.

Mars becomes retrograde from the 10th of September and it will urge you to make important decisions. An energy that could enhance all your problems emerges, starting with the fact that your partner wants to invest money into something you don’t find useful. From this moment on, things will be disturbed and lead to confrontations in fall. Those in short  relationships will even stop communicating.

The end of the fall and the beginning of winter will turn things around. Mars becomes direct from the 14th of November. You relationship will evolve from a phase of small talk to a much deeper interaction. You will have a deeper and more satisfying connection this  year. The end of the year brings stability, peace and harmony.

Singles – At the beginning of the year, single Tauruses are still under the siege of the past. Some situations will sober you up. You will realize that you actually do not care for your ex partner and that you have been loosing your nerves for nothing. Venus will move you to work on your romantic skills. You will have a charming attitude and an agreeable mood. You will be a magnet for the opposite sex.

Spring brings changes. Single Tauruses will become close with a person they already know by the middle of the year. Occasionally, you will have unfounded bursts of jealousy, due to Venus in Gemini. During the summer, you will melt with joy. Most of you will have romantic journeys.

The beginning of the fall and the retrograde Mars bring stormy clouds. Interventions from your environment, mix ups, misunderstandings…Luckily, your emotions will be strong enough to struggle with all the misfortunes.

Winter again brings harmony into your emotional life. There will be gifts, big plans and a lot of social life.

Work – The Taurus will work hard to achieve its goals, and will do so because they are very ambitious. Your stubbornness will be of use to you and help you shape changes, this is a year of building, where your efforts show visible results. The stars are still encouraging you, especially in the areas of work and career. December is promising for promotions and awards.



Health – In 2020 it will be easier to develop useful habits concerning your health. From the spring to the end of the year, your energy will grow. Your main challenge this year will be maintaining your ideal body weight.