Tenth House

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Tenth House

Tenth House Characteristics:

Modern Title: House of Social Status
Latin Motto: Regnum – Kingdom
Quality: Cardinal
Ruling Sign: Capricorn
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Keywords: Ambitions, Motivations, Career, Status, Government, Authority

We often refer to the Tenth House as the Status House. There we can find everything about our social groups and its place in society as a whole. Status and the power that comes with it is related to your role in your community. It reveals the greater aspects to any promotions and fame that comes into your life. This house reveals how your community and yourself affects your levels of achievement. Using this house we can manifest the best in ourselves.

Your profession is of great emphasis in the Tenth House. You will discover the implications of the job your choose, and how you work within that job. Further how to decide what you want to achieve in your work. Your goals, ambitions and passions will all come to light in the Tenth House. To be more practical, your employers are covered here along with any other authority figure like governments. With work comes the difficulties of governing other people, and being governed by someone ruling over you.

Power and status gained through work can be seen as ego boosting. How you deal with this is addressed by the Tenth House. You may also find financial rewards quite addicting, however ego gratification can grow tiring faster than you might imagine.

What you do to manage the wealth and status you gain is what’s addressed by the Tenth House. You can discover how to use your powers to help society and avoid being reckless. You will discover how to work together with others to create more happiness and success for everyone around you.

Your relationship to the larger groups around you is very important. You will discover how to improve the world around you, create change, and develop the persistence to see these difficult tasks through to the end. Using this we discover which kind of status is worth the effort and which is not. Lastly, just like it emphasises on its great rulers, the Tenth House addresses the father, who is generally the more strict authoritarian in a parent/child relationship.

This house is controlled by Saturn and Capricorn.

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