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According to the yearly horoscope 2020  you like your freedom, but you don’t thrive on chaos.Virgo –  You are a tidy and careful person whom will strive towards order and perfection in all things this year.







Couples – Jupiter’s journey through the house of partnership gives you incentive for change. Virgo’s mood is good in the few first months of 2020. Venus enters the air sign of Gemini on the 4th of April which will force you to make changes. You will create situations that you will have to react to. Virgo will surprise yourself with courage in the spring and you will tell your partner everything you want to change.

You will still have good communication with your partner in the summer. Both of you will seek to do new things. Many will decide to have children, community or to renovate their home.

Mars becomes retrograde on the 10th of September. You will start the fall with occasional disagreement with your partner about dividing chores and obligations. All in all, you will try to find solutions. Both of you will turn a blind eye  now and then and tolerate some habits.

During the winter to the year’s end, you will enjoy tremendous changes you made and you will be satisfied with yourself and your partner.

Singles – This is a year of new beginnings. Under the influence of Jupiter a first love story starts for you by the 23rd of March. Not so many Virgos will remain in one relationship throughout this year. Typical Virgo will have multiple partners. The spring and the summer bring new people who appear as flashes or accidental meetings. You will be drawn to eccentric and unusual persons. Venus becomes direct from the 25th of June and brings the beginning of a new love story.

You will be under the influence of Venus in the fall. Many Virgos will have some sort of relationships, whether they are public or secret.

At the end of the year, in the winter, you will meet a person that posses all the characteristics of a partner that you want to have. You will understand each other completely, and you will not reveal your relationship until both of you are ready to do so. This relationship will be it, the thing that will fulfill every piece of your body and soul.

Work – You will make a professional debut this year and you will handle novelties very well. You will be occupied helping others to learn new skills that you posses. You will be selfless and that will be re-payed many times over.




Health – The year may start with some kind burden and you will make a correction to bring your health to the right track very soon. There will not be any major health issues because you will have clean air for active and exciting life and you will simply vibrate with good condition.