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Ten of Cups Tarot Card is the next card of Minor Arcana. Tarot cards are a form of divination, which literally means working with the divine, or your higher self, which is the ultimate purpose of tarot cards, just like yoga. The tarot is in essence a soul map, a deep psychological guide to self-empowerment. Playing with Tarot cards is a conversation with your higher self. The cards always work. It’s not magic—tarot cards are a sacred mirror. There are now thousands of types of tarot decks. A traditional deck has 22 Major Arcana (or trumps) which are archetypal images. Four different card suits make up the Minor Arcana: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. All of these suits contain 14 cards: 10 numbered cards, and four cards called court cards that include the Page, Knight, Queen, and King. Each of these four suits represents a different area of your life, so you know where to direct this guidance when one of these cards shows up in your Tarot reading. There are 56 Minor Arcana cards, sixteen Court or Personality cards; the Kings, Queens, Princes, and Pages. There are four elements or suits: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, with 10 cards in each. Above all, there are no inherently negative cards. Below is The Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meaning: love, health, money, and Tarot Yoga.Ten of Cups Tarot Card


A statement that represents Ten of Cups Tarot Card: I have all the love and support I need!

The Cups tarot cards

  • The Cups Tarot cards represent your emotions, intuition, and relationships. These cards can guide you in love, and help you grow through understanding and processing your highest and lowest feelings. The suit of Cups in a classic Tarot deck consists of 14 Tarot cards, beginning with the Ace of Cups and progressing upward through the 10 of Cups, then concluding with the four Court cards, the Page, Knight, Queen, and King of Cups.
  • Numerology: Ten (10) in Minor Arcana. The tens are about final outcomes and the end of a current cycle. They carry messages about the rewards or consequences you’ll experience for the amount of work you’ve put in.

Ten of Cups Tarot Card DESCRIPTION: illustration, colors, and symbolism

  • Ten of Cups Tarot Card shows a loving couple stands together, arms outstretched. Their two children play nearby representing playfulness and creativity. They are jumping around in delight as if they are celebrating another beautiful day together. A family is basking in the sunlight of a beautiful day. They look towards their home on the hill. The family home symbolizes stability and comfort, while the grassy hills signify fertility, and the river marks the flow of emotion. Above them is a rainbow being symbolic of peace and good fortune. The rainbow is adorned with ten cups, symbolizing blessings and rewards. The idyllic scene is one of true emotional fulfillment and Divine love. The mother and father stand with arms around each other in love and harmony. Their hands are raised as if to thank for all they have been giving. These two have true, everlasting love and have everything they could ever wish for: the home, the kids, and most importantly, fulfilling love. And they share this bond with the people around them. Unlike other cards in the Cups suit, the happiness represented by Ten of Cups is less on an individual level and more of a communal nature.

Ten of Cups Tarot Card – IN GENERAL

  • Ten of Cups Tarot Card is the final numbered card in the Cups suit. It is one of the most uplifting tarot cards you can receive. It represents total emotional fulfillment. This rainbow-filled card is a good omen for whoever chooses it, as it symbolizes harmony, peace, and positivity. The card shows strong family bonds and long-awaited reunions. It embodies love, togetherness, fortune, and all the good things in life. When this card comes up in a reading, you can look forward to sunny skies ahead. Your celebrations are going to be memorable. The love you share with your family is going to be felt by all in attendance. It means that our families are secure and happy. The Ten of Cups speaks of someone who is profoundly spiritual and good-natured. Hard-working, likable and industrious, people represented by card tend to be very successful. They are also constantly striving to keep it that way. They avoid negative people and situations, particularly when they involve conflict. Carefree emotions and feelings of delight will dance around us. It is a good time for everyone.

Ten of Cups Tarot Card – UPRIGHT

  • Ten of Cups Tarot Card is all about emotions, happiness, and being positive. It tells of joyous family life and a healthy alignment with your true nature. The happiness and positivity you possess are not restricted to you alone. It extends to everyone you love. If you’ve been separated from a loved one or loved ones, you can be confident that reunification is on the horizon. This card often appears when you are surrounded by your loved ones with whom you share a powerful and deep connection. This card may appear in a reading when you are spending more time with family, perhaps on a holiday, reunion, or event, where you can rest and relax together. It is a positive card for romantic relationships and may indicate either a new and blissful relationship or a long-term commitment, such as engagement, marriage, or starting a family together. Take a moment to step back and appreciate everything you accomplished. You created a life of connection and bliss by following your heart and trusting your intuition. The Ten of Cups encourages you to follow your heart and trust your intuition to lead you to the opportunities aligned with your Highest Good. Seek out opportunities that fulfill you and align with your personal values instead of following the path that others expect you to take. In short, this card is representative of perfection and high achievement.

Ten of Cups Tarot Card meaning REVERSED

  • “Reversed tarot card” is a card that appears to be upside down from your angle of vision. The Ten of Cups Tarot Card in a general reading isn’t a great sign, as it indicates that problems are afoot in your family. You are seeking greater harmony and connection in your relationships. In your mind, you had wished for beautiful, harmonious relationships, but in reality, you feel disconnected and disengaged from your loved ones. The Ten of Cups invites you to seek out common ground with your loved ones and rebuild the relationship from there. This dysfunction is likely to affect almost everything in your life. At the same time, the card in a reversed position can also portend less serious family problems than emotional or physical abuse. It can signify homesickness or feel isolated from loved ones. On a more positive note, remember that a happy, positive future is still available to you. You will need to step back and take a good, hard, honest appraisal of your life in order to find the path that will lead you there. The Ten of Cups reversed can reveal a misalignment of personal values. You are not living by your own values, nor are you being true to yourself. Bring your focus back to what truly makes you happy even if it differs from what others expect.

Ten of Cups Tarot Card and LOVE


  • Ten of Cups Tarot Card is a positive card for romantic relationships. If you are in a relationship a long-term commitment, such as engagement, marriage, or starting a family together. You share an everlasting love and may believe that you are soul mates destined to be with one another. While you may not have fully realized it yet, you will soon come to recognize that your current partner is the true love of your life. If you are hoping to move to the next level of commitment or to have children, this is a great card to get in your Tarot spread. If you have been separated from a lover, it can indicate that there may be a reunion in the future. If you are single the card is an equally great card to find in your spread. The Ten of Cups Tarot Card is indicating that your next relationship will have all the potential to be serious and long-term, likely resulting in marriage. The new relationship will give you security and stability. If you have had your eye on someone special, do not hesitate to speak up! It could result in happy love life.


  • Ten of Cups Tarot Card indicates that you are seeking greater harmony and connection in your relationship. It can be an indicator of one partner not wanting commitment, marriage, or children. You had wished for a beautiful, harmonious relationship, but in reality, you feel disconnected from your loved one. It may seem as if something is missing. You are struggling to communicate honestly and engage with one another. Each time you try to connect, something goes wrong, and you end up with even more distance between you. You may have unrealistic expectations of the relationship. Realign your expectations and realize that every relationship has its ups and downs. The reversed card can also appear when you are contemplating what a loving relationship means for you. You may even consider leaving. If you are single, the card reversed can signify that you may be holding onto some negative patterns in relation to love that are preventing you from finding a happy relationship. Also, it can indicate that you’re holding potential romantic partners to impossibly high standards. You might also be experiencing emotional damage from a previous relationship. You will need to overcome this in order to find a suitable partner.

Ten of Cups Tarot Card and MONEY


  • Ten of Cups Tarot Card is a good sign. It indicates that things should be going well in work as you should have reached a point where you are collecting the rewards of your hard work. Also, it can indicate that you’re an invaluable member of your team and a major asset to your company. This because of your hard work, loyalty, and dedication. It important that you continue working that way. Financially speaking, the Ten of Cups Tarot Card is also a good sign. Investments you made previously should be going well with the card. It is a good luck and abundance card so your finances should be in an upswing when it appears. Don’t take this to mean you’re about to win millions of dollars from the state lottery, but you will be comfortable financially.


  • Ten of Cups Tarot Card can simply indicate a career in social work or working with families. It can also indicate a lack of teamwork or feeling isolated in a work environment. There may be arguments with coworkers, or a hectic work schedule may be having a negative effect on your family life. Also, the card suggests that while you may feel a distinct lack of satisfaction from your work, your efforts are much appreciated by your immediate superiors. Deep down, you’re fully aware that your current situation could be far worse. Financially speaking, the card can indicate a lack of stability or financial security. It can signal domestic disharmony regarding issues of money. So make sure you are putting aside money for a rainy day and don’t make risky investments when it appears.

Ten of Cups Tarot Card and HEALTH

  • Upright: Ten of Cups Tarot Card in a health context, is a good sign. If you have made some changes to improve your health, the card tells you that you will soon start to feel the benefits. If you have not made those changes, start now. It is generally a positive health card. So if you have been ill recently, you should see some sort of improvement or increase in your energy levels. If you’ve been in good health you can expect this to continue for the foreseeable future. This is a good time to join the gym or start a new diet with a few close friends or family members.
  • Reversed: Ten of Cups Tarot Card in a health context in a health context reversed can indicate a lack of harmony within the body. So try to keep a balanced diet and when it appears. There may be unexpected health issues or surgery with this card. If you are trying to get pregnant but are struggling to conceive, the Ten of Cups Tarot Card can indicate fertility issues need to be addressed. Don’t push yourself too hard. Stop holding yourself up to an impossible standard and just take care of yourself.

Tarot Yoga

Yoga is an expression of body movement, breathing, meditation, and philosophy. Yoga and tarot heal the body by intersecting in multiple realms. They both create a bridge between your subconscious and conscious mind, use archetypes to reveal life lessons, work with the elements, serve as a guide for the appropriate practice, and help us cultivate our intuition and accomplish our life’s true self. Tarot cards are a divination tool made up of 78 images and qualities, split into 22 major arcana cards representing karmic lessons and 56 minor arcana cards representing day-to-day choices. Read GUIDE FOR TAROT YOGA.

If you pulled Ten of Cups Tarot Card your tarot reading, you should practice Utthita Tadasana or Star Pose.

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