Two of Wands Tarot Card

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  • Two of Wands Tarot Card is the next card of MinorArcana.Tarot cards are a form of divination, which means working with the divine, or your higher self, which is the ultimate purpose of tarot cards, just like yoga. The tarot is in essence a soul map, a deep psychological guide to self-empowerment. Playing with Tarot cards is a conversation with your higher self. The cards always work. It’s not magic—tarot cards are a sacred mirror. There are now thousands of types of tarot decks.
  • A traditional deck has 22 Major Arcana (or trumps) which are archetypal images. Four different card suits make up the Minor Arcana: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. All of these suits contain 14 cards: 10 numbered cards, and four cards called court cards that include the Page, Knight, Queen, and King. Each of these four suits represents a different area of your life, so you know where to direct this guidance when one of these cards shows up in your Tarot reading. There are 56 Minor Arcana cards, sixteen Court or Personality cards; the Kings, Queens, Princes, and Pages. There are four elements or suits: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, with 10 cards in each. Above all, there are no inherently negative cards. Below is The Two of Wands Tarot Card Meaning: love, health, money, and Tarot Yoga.Two of Wands Tarot Card


The Wands tarot cards

  • The Wands cards are all about action, initiative, invention, and energy. They help to guide how you move through your life and advise when to take action and when to hold back. The suit of Wands in a classic Tarot deck consists of 14 Tarot cards, beginning with the Ace of Wands and progressing upward through the 10 of Wands, then concluding with the four Court cards, the Page, Knight, Queen, and King of Wands.
  • Numerology: Two (2) in Minor Arcana. Twos carry messages of balance and dichotomy. When Two arises in your Tarot reading, you cannot move forward until equilibrium is reached.

Two of Wands Tarot Card DESCRIPTION: illustration, colors, and symbolism

  • Two of Wands Tarot Card show a man standing at the top level of a tall castle. Positioned between two wands he holds a globe in the palm of his right hand. It represents the enormous potential before him. He literally has the world in his hands. The wand he’s holding stands for his new, burgeoning plans, with the flowering leaves representing growth. To the side of the man is an image depicting a rose, a lily, and across? The rose symbolizes love, the lily symbolizes hope, and the cross symbolizes faith, three guiding lights of decision-making. He has a good chance for success, so long as he can overcome the challenges that will arise. The orange represents aspiration and contentment. The hat upon his head reminds us to be our authentic selves. He looks out over a vast area. Does he wonder what lies ahead for him?

A statement that represents Two of Wands Tarot Card: I am in control of my world!

Two of Wands Tarot Card – IN GENERAL

  • Two of Wands Tarot Card shows what happens when a new adventure awaits you. This is a card of personal freedom and choice. The card represents two paths and you, with the ability to choose. Maybe you are dissatisfied and ready to find a new route. Which way will you go? There are serious decisions to be made. But thankfully, the card suggests you are well-equipped to make the right decision. Give yourself a moment to take in the full implications of your situation. Find your bearings again before launching back into action. Deal with real concerns now, before they become regrets. But remember the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Two of Wands Tarot Card –UPRIGHT

  • Two of Wands Tarot Card upright is the “should I stay or should I go” card. It is a card of possibilities and what could be rather than what has been or what is to come. The card predicts success in creative ventures, especially those that involve partnership or cooperation. Also, this card can indicate overseas travel, sudden departures, and deciding if you will stay or go. It can also indicate a lack of contentment with your life, restlessness, and detachment.
  • If the card represents you in a reading, you truly have the world in your hands. You just must figure out what to do with it. In conclusion, the upright card represents moving forward, discovering the world, and accomplishing your goals. It is a sign to get out of your comfort zone. Now is the time to explore new things. The Two of Wands also represents planning and long-term decisions.

Two of Wands Tarot Card meaning REVERSED

  • “Reversed tarot card” is a card that appears to be upside down from your angle of vision. Two of Wands Tarot Card indicate a fear of change and fear of the unknown. It is a card of lack of planning, restricted options, being held back, and disappointment. It can represent deciding not to go, canceling, or delaying travel. The Two of Wands reversed can also signify choosing the safest bet. Also, it can signify the sudden arrival of a person into your life. When life feels overwhelming, your instinct is to fight or flee.
  • The card represents what happens when you give in to limiting beliefs. Although you have an opportunity in front of you, fear of something is holding you back. So, you must figure out what it is that is making you afraid. Is there something stopping you from living your life as courageously as you would like? The Two of Wands asks you to conquer these insecurities one by one. In conclusion, the card is a sign that you are floundering and lack direction or long-term goals. You need to figure out what’s holding you back and start organizing your life in order to achieve the goals that are most important to you.

Two of Wands Tarot Card and LOVE


  • Two of Wands Tarot Card is not a great omen as it can indicate that there is a lack of contentment in the relationship. You or your partner may be feeling restless, or detached. This Minor Arcana card can also be an indication of cheating as it can represent having a choice between a partner and a lover. Maybe you are going through hard times with your partner, or met someone who you feel is a better fit.  If so, exercise caution. The grass isn’t always greener rings true here. Instead of ending things quickly, or starting an affair, take some time to work on the relationship. Communicate, and try to get that spark back before you take drastic measures. Also, this card is a travel card.  So it may indicate that you and your partner may consider going traveling together.
  • If you are single, the card indicates that you will have a choice between two lovers. This card also represents being torn between security and adventure.  So you may find one of these potential partners is reliable and the other is daring and adventurous. Also, if there is someone you have had your eye on for quite a while, don’t wait around. Consider making the first move. Also, going out of your way to meet new people by traveling or trying out a new neighborhood spot will lead to a new romance. Just be sure to reflect on what you want and not let someone else alter your choice.


  • Two of Wands Tarot Card indicates that you or your partner may be finding your relationship boring. But you are staying together because you see it as the safest bet. Also, it can signify that the relationship may be holding you back but you are afraid to leave as you fear the unknown. This card is also a travel card but when it reverses it can indicate canceling traveling. Maybe you’re not sure that you want to be with your partner on a long-term basis. You’re feeling pressured to make a tangible commitment like moving in together, getting engaged, or having a child.
  • Don’t take this next step if you have doubts. Reflect on whether you want to take things slow or end the relationship. If you are single, the card can indicate that you will have a choice between staying single or getting back with your ex. You may feel like your options are restricted at the moment. But there are always choices. Also, your uncertainty over what you want in a partner is preventing you from forming any new connections. You don’t have to know exactly what you’re looking for to find love, don’t sequester yourself. Alternatively, the card can indicate that you will have a choice between two lovers but that you will choose the safest bet.

Two of Wands Tarot Card and MONEY

  • Upright: ​Two of Wands Tarot Card urges you to survey the situation carefully and then create a plan for success. Now isn’t a time to ‘go out on a limb. There is a good possibility that you are about to begin a journey that will lead to financial success. Travel if you have the opportunity. The Two of Wands indicates that you’re going to be moving up the ladder. Also, it is a sign that you should try to work in a new city or country. As long as you plan carefully, your financial future is looking bright. It is a good time to make conscious choices without fear of serious repercussions. If you have access to money, consider investing it in savings. You are well on your way to reaching your goals. You will also be able to afford a vacation.
  • Reversed: Two of Wands Tarot Card in a career context indicates that you may be limiting or restricting your choices. This card signifies that you may have taken the safe option in your career and are now wishing you had been more daring. Also, the card can indicate that a decision you made may not have worked out well. Financially speaking reversed card represents financial instability. You may be struggling to find your financial balance when it appears. You tend to believe things will just work out for the best. But in reality, you need a properly thought-out plan to achieve your long-term financial goals.

Two of Wands Tarot Card and HEALTH

  • Upright: Two of Wands Tarot Card in a health context indicates you will have two paths in terms of health. Or you will need to decide which to take. This can take the form of having two possible treatment routes for an illness or injury. Or you will choose between sticking with your exercise regime or going back to old habits. Only you can decide which way to go. You’ve been working towards improving your health. Continue on your path to well-being by maintaining healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Reversed: Two of Wands Tarot Card in a health context can indicate that you may need a second opinion about your current health issue. It can indicate that there may be more information about your condition that has yet to be discovered. Or that you may need to find the real cause of your illness to heal yourself. This does not mean that you should disregard the advice of your doctor but if you can get a second opinion then do it. Also, you may be feeling off-balanced. You sometimes feel helpless and fail to find meaning in your day-to-day existence. You may need to seek guidance from a healer who specializes in chakra balance. Alignment is necessary and the time is now.

Tarot Yoga

  • Yoga is an expression of body movement, breathing, meditation, and philosophy. Yoga and tarot heal the body by intersecting in multiple realms. They both create a bridge between your subconscious and conscious mind, use archetypes to reveal life lessons, work with the elements, serve as a guide for the appropriate practice, and help us cultivate our intuition and accomplish our life’s true self. Tarot cards are a divination tool made up of 78 images and qualities, split into 22 major arcana cards representing karmic lessons and 56 minor arcana cards representing day-to-day choices. Read GUIDE GOR TAROT YOGA.
  • If you pulled The Two of Wands Tarot Card for your tarot reading, you should practice Parivrtta Malasana or Revolved Garland Pose.
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