Aries characteristics

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AriesA R I E S  – period mar 21-apr 19

General horoscope

Name: Lat. Aries comes from the name of Ares, the Roman god of war
Planets: Mars
Color: Red
Pets: Aries
Metal: Steel
Precious stones: Diamond, bloody stone and red stones
Plants: radishes, rhubarb, burdock

Symbol: the ram

Element : fire

Group: emotional

Polarity: positive

Favorable color: red

Oposit sign: libra
Unjust adage about Aries:

Aries is a selfish animal.
He wants results now. What’s the use of it as a ticking time bomb, when will never beactivated.

This is the first sign of fire and the first of the twelve signs.  His favorite number is one.  the presence of an Aries almost always indicates the beginning of something energetic and boisterous. They’re eager, dynamic, quick, and competitive. Aries likes to get into a fight, to beat anamies and loves to help anyone who looks a little pathetic. This is character with so much energy.  Aries need lots of space for their playfulness and noise. Everything is fine until things are moving. This character is too impatient to wait idly someone’s permission. He is too independent to put one’s permission mattered. Aries is adventurous, daring, impulsive, headstrong, dynamic. Has the strongest power and energy but no persistent will. Aries likes sports and all kinds of physical activities.

Aries are very atractive, not only for their looks, good manners, but also because of temperament. Unfortunately, many remain inaccessible. Aries is very demanding.
Men aries  expect from a woman to be a lady in the society, a cook in the kitchen, lover in bed.

Women  expect from a man that suits them both physically and spiritually.
They want everything now and immediately. Conquered by sight and rapid spontaneous performance. They like sex without foreplay, eccentric poses. They do not talk about love, they show their love

Aries is a fighter for justice and fair play. He does not understand people who have long-term problems, and does not want to change and solve problems. He likes to be in the company of lively people, full of spirit, just as it has. Aries is the inspiration for others. Aries likes to see when their friends become stronger and more determined by observing the behavior of rams

Ideal job for the Aries  is the one in which they can be independent, aries always want something  new and  challenging.
Occupations of Aries are: politician, lawyer, engineer, comedian, soldier, chemist, astronomer, a surgeon, hairdresser, butcher …

Clothing and footwear that allows free movement, but nice looking. He loves the small details, vivid colors, and my favorite color is red.

Courage, determination, confidence, enthusiasm.

Impatience,  allowing fear to limit choices.

Athletic body, youthful attitude, leader.

Comfortable clothes, leading, physical challenges, individual sports.

Inactivity, delays, work that doesn’t use  talents.

situation that requires action, courage in the face of fear, competition,  freedom. Aries individuals are better outside than staying close to home.


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