Three of Cups Tarot Card

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Three of Cups Tarot Card is the next card of Minor Arcana. Tarot cards are a form of divination, which literally means working with the divine, or your higher self, which is the ultimate purpose of tarot cards, just like yoga. The tarot is in essence a soul map, a deep psychological guide to self-empowerment. Playing with Tarot cards is a conversation with your higher self. The cards always work. It’s not magic—tarot cards are a sacred mirror. There are now thousands of types of tarot decks. A traditional deck has 22 Major Arcana (or trumps) which are archetypal images. Four different card suits make up the Minor Arcana: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. All of these suits contain 14 cards: 10 numbered cards, and four cards called court cards that include the Page, Knight, Queen, and King. Each of these four suits represents a different area of your life, so you know where to direct this guidance when one of these cards shows up in your Tarot reading. There are 56 Minor Arcana cards, sixteen Court or Personality cards; the Kings, Queens, Princes, and Pages. There are four elements or suits: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, with 10 cards in each. Above all, there are no inherently negative cards. Below is The Three of Cups Tarot Card: love, health, money, and Tarot Yoga.Three of Cups Tarot Card

The Cups tarot cards

  • The Cups Tarot cards represent your emotions, intuition, and relationships. These cards can guide you in love, and help you grow through understanding and processing your highest and lowest feelings. The suit of Cups in a classic Tarot deck consists of 14 Tarot cards, beginning with the Ace of Cups and progressing upward through the 10 of Cups, then concluding with the four Court cards, the Page, Knight, Queen, and King of Cups.
  • Numerology: Тhrее (3) in Minor Arcana.  Threes are about communication and interactions. They indicate the influence that others have over your life, work, and emotions.

Three of Cups Tarot Card DESCRIPTION: illustration, colors, and symbolism

  • Three of Cups Tarot Card shows three young women dancing in a circle raising golden cups in the air in a toast of celebration. They are enjoying their moment of happiness and success. There is an emotional connection between these women built on respect, honor, and appreciation for one another. There is a sense of lifting each other up and celebrating each woman’s unique contribution to the group. The flower wreaths in their hairs and draped gowns are also a symbol of success, triumph, celebration, and victory. The ground surrounding the women is covered in harvested fruits and vegetables, symbolizing growth, wealth, and abundance, and wellness. The colors of the dresses remind us of the women in the major arcana cards Strength (white), Justice (red), and Temperance (white/orange). These three cards together offer us parts of the meaning of the three women: compassion, integrity, and balance.

A statement that represents the Three of Cups Tarot Card: I celebrate life every day!

Three of Cups Tarot Card – IN GENERAL

  • Three of Cups Tarot Card symbolizes a cause for celebration and reunions. The card is a celebratory card that calls for a toast with friends and family in moments of personal accomplishment. The Three of Cups Tarot Card resonates with a spirit of agreement, mutual support, encouragement, and teamwork. It points to all the benefits of a harmonious relationship. It is a very positive card that indicates happy times, uplifting and positive energy, and good feelings.  Your friends and family are here to support you and lift you up to even higher levels of success. Celebrate with them and enjoy their camaraderie. Whether it is a wedding, a family reunion, a baby shower, an engagement shower, or other similar events, a party is soon to ensue. So you’ll likely be in high spirits and ready to have a good time when it appears. If you are planning a party or other social event, this is an excellent sign as it predicts that things will go well. You will be able to forget the worries of your daily life and spend quality time with family and friends.

Three of Cups Tarot Card – UPRIGHT

  • Three of Cups Tarot Card indicates that it is time to come together with your closest friends and have a good time. In the upright position, take it as a sign that success is best when it’s shared. The card is a card of celebration, friendship, sisterhood, and creative collaborations. Your friends and family are here to support you and lift you up to even higher levels of success. Together, you give and receive the love, support, and compassion each of you needs from one another. The card often indicates a very sociable period, the holiday season, or a vacation with friends. See it as your opportunity to forget about your day-to-day obligations for a while. This card also invites you to collaborate with others on a creative project and inspire one another to reach new heights. The card is a very creative card, suggesting that you may pursue a creative outlet within a group environment, such as an art class or a dance class. This is a great way to connect with others and to access your creative abilities. Overall, the card foresees good times to come and a cause for celebration is in your future. If you’ve had problems with your social life, this card can signal the end of those hardships. You will be able to resolve differences and learn how to deal with the problem.

Ace of Cups Tarot Card meaning REVERSED

  • “Reversed tarot card” is a card that appears to be upside down from your angle of vision. Three of Cups Tarot Card has a direct influence on your emotions. When the card is reversed, it is often a sign that you need to refocus and balance your emotions. So, you need to control how you express love for others. This may even have repercussions on your creativity at work, preventing you from expressing yourself. Also, the reversal of this card suggests that you would prefer to go it alone right now. Honor your desire to step out of the social scene for a while and enjoy this time by yourself so you can get clear on who you most want to connect with in the future. If you are experiencing high levels of stress, the card appears as a message to take some time off to recuperate and gain the support of friends before returning to reality. On the other hand, the Three of Cups reversed may signify overindulgence. Take a break from the social scene to regroup and get some much-needed sleep. When reversed, this card implies excess. Do not put yourself in extreme situations. Remember all of the things you have to be grateful for. Take a deep breath and know that you are not stuck at this moment in time.

Three of Cups Tarot Card and LOVE


  • Three of Cups Tarot Card indicates a feeling of success in love. If you are in a relationship, it can indicate that you may have a celebration to look forward to. The card can be a sign of an engagement, wedding, baby shower, etc. You can look forward to happy times or events to celebrate in your relationship. When you go out together as a couple, it may make it easier to see just how well the two of you get along together. Being around friends and family can have a strong effect on the two of you. You will communicate better, and be closer than ever. Your love can feel deep and gratify now.  If you are single it is time to find a partner with whom you share the same outlook on life. This can be the start of a truly passionate relationship built on mutual respect. Because of your communicative personality, it won’t be hard to maintain an open and trusting relationship. The more you communicate within your relationships, the more success you are bound to achieve. Also, the card can be a sign that someone from your past might come back into your life. Regardless of the circumstances, this relationship is bound to be full of happiness and laughter.


  • Three of Cups Tarot Card is not a great sign generally as it can indicate canceled celebrations such as weddings or engagements. Also, it can indicate someone trying to cause trouble in your relationship through sabotage and rumors. Watch your back if you receive this card in your reading. It could also represent someone trying to seduce your partner behind your back. You may be headed for an unexpected and unpleasant turn. If you are single, the card in the reversed position represents a short-term fling. The Three of Cups Tarot Card can indicate a short-term relationship that won’t last is coming your way. It can also indicate a reunion with someone from your past, which you will quickly realize was for good reason. Also, you may start a relationship with someone who is already in a relationship with someone else. Look to the other cards for more detail.

Three of Cups Tarot Card and MONEY


  • Three of Cups Tarot Card indicates that there will be a celebration in relation to your work or career. This may be in the form of graduating from a course, a celebration of the successful completion of a project, or an office party. It can also indicate that there will be a good and friendly atmosphere in your workplace. Any teamwork you’re involved in will be going very well. Everyone will be getting along nicely. This card can also signify that a promotion or job offer could be coming your way.  If you are not a part of a business partnership, expect one to come your way. These people will have a similar vision to yours when it comes to career goals and the ways to achieve them. Financially speaking, it is time to enjoy all that you have accomplished. You’ve worked hard for what you have. There may be an unforeseen increase in your income right now.


  • Three of Cups Tarot Card indicates that there may be a team member or coworker in your workplace plotting to sabotage your work and success. It can also indicate that the gossip mill may be in overdrive in your workplace so try to focus on your work, remain professional, and don’t give the gossips any ammunition. The more professional and above board you remain, the better you will come out on the other side. If you are involved in a creative project, now may be the time to work independently rather than in a group. Financially speaking the card can indicate that some canceled celebrations may be the cause of your financial stress. Weddings and engagement parties often come with hefty non-refundable deposits. So prepare yourself for some financial turbulence. It can also signify that you may be overspending and overindulging, try to reign in your spending before you get yourself in over your head.

Three of Cups Tarot Card and HEALTH

  • Upright: Three of Cups Tarot Card in a health context indicates that you may have a lot of social events or celebrations coming up. Enjoy yourself but be mindful of the impact excessive indulgence could have on your health and try to moderate things.  During this time of celebration, you may find yourself overindulging. In the long run, you must find healthier ways of relaxing and celebrating. There will be a time of hard work coming your way so you will need to be well-rested and ready for the challenge.
  • Reversed: Three of Cups Tarot Card in a health context can be a strong indicator that you will be over-indulging or partying too much to the detriment of your health. The late nights and substance abuse are causing your body to work in overdrive. Also, the card can be an indicator of a miscarriage but, the supporting cards would need to confirm this.

Tarot Yoga

  • Yoga is an expression of body movement, breathing, meditation, and philosophy. Yoga and tarot heal the body by intersecting in multiple realms. They both create a bridge between your subconscious and conscious mind, use archetypes to reveal life lessons, work with the elements, serve as a guide for the appropriate practice, and help us cultivate our intuition and accomplish our life’s true self. Tarot cards are a divination tool made up of 78 images and qualities, split into 22 major arcana cards representing karmic lessons and 56 minor arcana cards representing day-to-day choices. Read GUIDE FOR TAROT YOGA.
  • If you pulled The Three of Cups Tarot Card your tarot reading, you should practice marjaryasana-bitilasana or Cat-Cow pose.
  • Want to keep learning the meaning of the Tarot cards with The Tarot Guide? Continue to the next card…Four of Cups.




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