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The Hierophant Tarot card DESCRIPTION: illustration, colors, and symbolism.

  • The Hierophant Tarot card is also known as the High Priest or the Pope and is governed by Taurus. The Hierophant tarot card is also called the Teacher of Wisdom. The Hierophant Tarot card shows a religious figure sitting between two pillars of a sacred temple. This temple is different from the one where the High Priestess sits. He sits on a throne on an elevated podium demonstrating authority. It also indicates that he is superior among others. He wears three robes which are red, blue, and white.  Also, he wears a three-tiered crown. They both indicate the three realms in which he dominates. These three realms are the conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious. His right hand is properly raised in an act of benediction, a sign of blessing. It’s similar to the hand that the Magician has raised. In his left hand, he carries a triple cross that shows his religious position. The triple cross is associated traditionally with the pope. The horizontal bars in the cross represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Beneath him, there are two followers that kneel representing the Hierophant’s duty to transfer his spiritual knowledge to others. Through these devotees, the card also represents following the way to understanding and education. The crossed keys at his feet symbolize the stability between the conscious and subconscious minds.


  • The Hierophant Tarot card is the number five of the Major Arcana cards. The number 5 is an explorer and knows that one of the best ways to experience the world is to interact with the people in it. Whether it’s one-on-one or in a lively group setting, this number flourishes in social situations and never misses a chance to engage with and learn from someone new.
  • Wikipedia: The Hierophant is thus a true “pontiff”, in that he is the builder of the bridge between deity and humanity. In his left hand, he held a triple cross.

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A statement that represents The Hierophant Tarot card: I embrace traditions both old and new.

The Hierophant Tarot card meaning -in general

The Hierophant tarot card is the masculine counterpart of the High Priestess. He is a symbol of traditional values and stretches the deep importance of spirituality and religion. The card refers to a master and the learning of practical lessons from the study of natural law. This energy of this card points to some resources that can reveal the secrets of life,  the links between human beings and the heavens. The monasteries were the only places where a person could learn to read and write in the Middle Ages. So,  a Hierophant was the one to set the curriculum for the neophyte’s course of study. The Hierophant is linked with the ancient lineage of Melchezidek, the initiator of the Hebrew priestly tradition, the one who passes on the teachings. So, The Hierophant card suggests that it’s better for you to follow social structures that are established and have their own traditions. It may be best to follow the established rules at this time.  Don’t rock the boat – instead, go with tradition.

Is the Hierophant tarot card good and what does it represent?

The  Hierophant card meaning depends on is the card upright or reversed and what is its position towards other cards.

What does The Hierophant card mean – upright?

The Hierophant tarot card upright represents a necessity to follow existing rules or a well-established procedure. It advises you to maintain conventional boundaries that are deliberated by a standard method. This card embodies a customary set of spiritual beliefs and is associated with religion and formal ideologies. Also, the card suggests that you learn the necessary values from a trusted source. That kind of source may be a mentor or a spiritual counselor. Ask for guidance and cooperate with a teacher. The mentor may teach you about spiritual values and beliefs and can give you wisdom and advice. These people can be experts. Also, this card can be a sign that you need to bring back family customs that are being neglected.  Build a regular practice or habit such as everyday prayer or expressing gratitude before a meal. So, instead of being innovative, you will be adapting to certain beliefs and systems that are already put in place and existing. This tarot card is most commonly representative of institutions as well as their core values. This is a sign that shows that you need to conform to the already existing set of rules. The Hierophant Tarot card often speaks to group membership or being part of an institution. You may enjoy a deep sense of comfort in being surrounded by people who have well-established belief systems and explicit values.

 The Hierophant card meaning – reversed?

“Reversed tarot card” is a card that appears to be upside down from your angle of vision. This card symbolizes nonconformity, openness, and freedom. Also, the card indicates that you are feeling the desire to bend existing rules. Or maybe you are experiencing limitations from too many established beliefs. As a result, you feel like you lost your control and flexibility. It makes you want to question things to ensure the truth of your actions and beliefs. So, you will make some changes, it might be needed. The card suggests that you no longer need the approval of others external. Now, you are your own teacher. It is time to trust your inner strength. In its most positive form, the reversed Hierophant reminds you that you are your own teacher. All the wisdom you seek comes from within. Maybe you will have conflicts with authorities, and experts. Learn to trust your instincts and break free from old ways. The Hierophant tarot card reversed is also about challenging the status quo. You see alternative ways of viewing the world. And you are ready to test the concepts you were taught were the truth. Learning to live by your own rules, while still listening to your own conscience, will bring you freedom. This will open your mind and expand your prospects in a positive way.  In conclusion, conformity goes out of the window and a new order is ready to rumble into place.

Questions and wishes for tarot cards

What does The Hierophant card mean – in Love?


  • If you have a question or a wish for Tarot cards about love: The Hierophant is the marriage and commitment card of the Major Arcana. So the Hierophant tarot card in a love context is a very good sign. It is connected with traditional and solid relationships. Above all, it indicates that you and your partner are on the same page. If you are single, the card indicates that someone in your inner circle has an eye on you. So get ready for one of your friendships to turn into a romance full of romance and fidelity! Also, the Hierophant’s upright love meaning can point to the effects of conventional religion on love and choosing partners. You could be drawn to partners that are safe, traditional, and respected by your community, If you’re building up relationships, the advice of the card is to inform others about your background and family traditions,  your values, and what is important for you. By being honest, you’ll gain respect. Relationships affected by the Hierophant card are usually traditional, conventional, and socially approved. Partners are likely to share a system of beliefs.


  • The card may signify an unconventional relationship or the desire for one. You may be breaking with tradition by choosing not to marry. If you are in a relationship, it can indicate a reversal of traditional gender roles. Also, this card may indicate that you and your partner are not on the same page when it comes to values. So, the card suggests that each of you needs to stay open-minded and try to understand each other.  Compromise is needed.  A reversed Hierophant can also indicate that your relationship may have become boring. This doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker but may require some compromise. Generally, this card also signals that not all the advice you may receive about your relationships may be helpful. You may be better off thinking for yourself.

The Hierophant Tarot card and Money


  • ​If you have a question or a wish for tarot cards about money and Career: the Hierophant tarot card indicates that new things are coming your way. This can be in the form of a promotion, moving to another department, or changing companies. One of your colleagues will act as a mentor. This person will guide you through the values and traditions of the company. This person will provide you with inside information. The Hierophant advises you to be very conservative about money. This card tells you to think twice when it comes to spending your money. Try to put some money aside.
  • Reversed: Your creativity, achievement, or freedom at your workplace can feel stifled by processes or rules. You may feel restricted. Sometimes, accomplishing tasks may involve building rapport with your colleagues or boss. There may be a lot of pressure to follow the organization’s decisions You may have to toe the line with this person if they outrank you. But you will not be happy about it and your work environment will feel restrictive. Also, this card can indicate that in a group or team project, you will feel pressured to conform to the group consensus You may also come into contact with a mentor who will teach you things that you will feel the need to challenge.

What does The Hierophant Tarot card mean in the Helth context


  • If you have a question or a wish for tarot cards about Health:  this card is a symbol of well-established procedures. If you are experiencing health issues The Hierophant Tarot card indicates that conventional medicine may be the best solution for you. So, the Hierophant in a health context is telling you to visit a doctor and to follow his advice. In other words, do not try to find a solution online. The Hierophant tarot card represents traditional values and stretches the deep importance of religion in life. Therefore this card is a sign that you should include some traditional values or type of religion in your spiritual practices. See it as an invitation to visit a church or temple.


  • If you are experiencing health issues The Hierophant Tarot card indicates that now is a good time to try alternative or holistic therapies. It may be the best solution for you and it will benefit you greatly. Try not to be too rigid in sticking to your normal health or exercise routines. So, now is a great time to shake things up. So,  try some things you wouldn’t normally try and step outside your comfort zone.

​Tarot Yoga

If you pulled The Hierophant Tarot card during your tarot reading, you should practice Trikonasana or Triangle yoga pose – Video demonstration Triangle pose  (tri meaning three, and cona meaning angle)

Yoga is an expression of body movement, breathing, meditation, and philosophy. Yoga and tarot heal the body by intersecting in multiple realms. They both create a bridge between your subconscious and conscious mind, use archetypes to reveal life lessons, work with the elements, serve as a guide for the appropriate practice, and help us cultivate our intuition and accomplish our life’s true self. Tarot cards consist of 78 images and qualities, divided into 22 major arcana cards that represent karmic lessons and 56 minor arcana cards representing day-to-day choices.Read more about TAROT YOGA.

About Tarot

Tarot cards are a form of divination, which literally means working with the divine, or your higher self, which is the ultimate purpose of tarot cards, just like yoga. The tarot is in essence a soul map, a deep psychological guide to self-empowerment. Playing with Tarot cards is a conversation with your higher self. The cards always work. It’s not magic—tarot cards are a sacred mirror. There are now thousands of types of tarot decks. A traditional deck has 22 Major Arcana (or trumps) which are archetypal images. There are 56 Minor Arcana cards, and sixteen Court or Personality cards; the Kings, Queens, Princes, and Pages. There are four elements or suits: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, with 10 cards in each. Above all, there are no inherently negative cards. Below is The World Tarot Card Meaning: love, health, money, and Yoga. See also our Free Online Tarot Readings , like popular Yes or No tarot, and 3 cards tarot.

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