A shocking discovery – he is the best at lying, and you still believe him!

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Yes, we know it’s not nice to lie, but sometimes we catch ourselves making things up, and a lie really cannot be avoided.

Not all signs are created equal regarding the Zodiac and its general situation. For some, lying is innate, and even Sherlock Holmes would fall for their well-crafted lies, while for others, it doesn’t work at all, so they end up entangled in their own stories.

Geminis are the biggest liars of the horoscope, and when they swear to the contrary with the most innocent expression on their faces, they know that they are lying. They do it by having fun and acting; it’s a little game that doesn’t hurt anyone. Lying Melita was undoubtedly born a Gemini.

Scorpio is also persuasive – he invents rude and cold, but often not to harm someone, but wants to check other people’s intelligence. He is looking for equals or, even better, a challenge.

Leo does not lie; he exaggerates his events, creating stories from the James Bond series, all in a strong desire to give pomp and significance to their reality.

Aries lies clumsily and rarely and can be said to be one of the worst liars of the Zodiac. They impulsively decide to lie, but with such a heated head, they often forget what they said to the effect, so other times, they provide an entirely different version of the event.

Sagittarius is very personal to him – the truth is his most potent weapon, so he feels insecure when he lies. Then the environment also blushes, begging to be discovered to end the farce.

Aquarius does not like to lie but is ready for compromises and “covering up the truth” if he believes that this will save a relationship or prevent a friend from being hurt.

Libra avoids lying, preferring to say nothing or discreetly change the subject with a friendly smile. However, when forced, they lie to alleviate some unpleasant things.

It will be challenging to catch Cancer in a lie – he has an excellent memory and remembers precisely what he lied to and whom and how. But unfortunately, he resorts to this when he does not want to make himself uncomfortable or help a neighbor.

A Pisces lies masterfully, but these are often small deceptions about everyday events and health, as it wants to postpone its obligations and make life more enjoyable.

Capricorn does not lie transparently; his lies are well-thought-out alibis, strengthened by convincing reasons and justifications. He often tells lies in effect; it’s always a matter of careful planning.


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