Air signs-biggest weaknesses

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stopIf you want to avoid unpleasant situations with people around you, read following words. Learn all about the biggest weaknesses of Air signs. It will be very good to know what is that you must not do, if you don’t want to see air sign mad.

blizanciGEMINI-The Gemini will get easily and quickly offended if you tell them to shut up. They  think about themselves as very interesting people. So remember,  never tell them to shut up or that they are boring or that they are not doing something right. That may cause that the Gemini will seize communication with you. The Gemini hates the most when someone is telling them how to drive during driving.So if you want a safe ride, better keep your mouth shout.

libraLIBRA- Do not impose your opinion to a Libra. They will immediately deliver their own or confirm yours when the time is right. Libra does not like quarrels, if it ever comes to that; they will simply avoid it by leaving or retiring. But if they are really hurt they will talk and talk and you will know that you did something very wrong. They will try to show you that you made a bad move.

aquarius ssAQUARIUS- The Aquarius does not like delays and slow and lazy people. They are full of energy and always appreciate the job being done on time. They just hate where there is anything to be done later on that is why they are great in business. They love speed, stressful situations and dynamics. If he sees you doing thing slowly, he will be very mad. If you work for Aquarius, it is a big chance to get fired.They enjoy being surrounded with their friends and family.


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