Air signs – how they deal with boredom?

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  • rp_gemini-3-287x3001-287x300-287x300.jpgboringGEMINI-The Gemini does not stand the passive periods of time when nothing happens, and they would rather live through more stressful periods than to be bored. Even if they are bored they will come up with something themselves, they would intentionally pick a fight just to keep the juices flowing. Their cures for boredom are other people’s company, a party or starting a new project.
  • MALE GEMINI-Life is too short to be bored. Think of something to do and do it, which is how the male Gemini thinks. All those youth ideas are just waiting to be worked at, and the Gemini will try to cross them of the list. Whether it is a hobby or a play production, the Gemini will put all his effort in seeing it through.
  • FEMALE GEMINI– has too many friends to spend time with and to keep the boredom away. She will constantly organize activities for them just to keep them in shape. And if that does not work, she will stir their juices by starting rumors among them, and take upon a role of a peacemaker. That will definitely keep her occupied.


  • rp_Libra-2-237x300.jpgboringLIBRA-The Libra is known to find itself in a situation when they don’t know what to do with themselves. They might want the company of other people but they believe that it might bore them easily and that they would wish being at home and watching a movie. That kind of indecisiveness gets them into the situation to eventually do nothing of the above and they get bored. Fortunately, that feeling does not last long because they get preoccupied with anything they end up doing.
  • MALE LIBRA– is not bored when he has nothing to do, he is bored when all the possibilities that present themselves to him are just not satisfactory enough. It is hard to make a choice between something that is not good for him at the time and something that he is not up to physically at the moment. The time may pass until he makes his choice, but he will carefully find something fulfilling to occupy himself with.
  • FEMALE LIBRA-The female Libra struggles with numerous choices. She sees opportunity all around her, but she does not have the decisiveness to make a pick. In the end, she will dig something up, and convince herself that it is the best thing for her.


  • rp_aquarius-248x3001.jpgboringAQUARIUS-The extremely sociable Aquarius the concept of being bored means being left by themselves without any project in mind to be committed to. They are capable of spending hours making something, but when that passes, they need a dose of company ASAP. If they are bored, they will become grudged and pessimistic.
  • MALE AQUARIUS-relies upon his friends, relatives and work colleagues to fill his time when there is nothing to do. His sociable nature creates a problem for them when they are alone. He simply does not manage his time well, for it is not worth it if you don’t have someone to share it with. That might cause a serious problem for them, and if they do not find a quick exit, their pessimism might overcome, and that is not the way to attract friends to be by your side.
  • FEMALE AQUARIUS– is able to create a project with purpose when she is alone. She will commit herself to it completely, without even noticing time passing by. Whether she makes jewelry or pottery, whether she is trying to make a table by herself, or to make picture frames to refresh her living space, she will devote herself completely. But the energy she is using must be recharged, and she will need her friends for that. She enjoys sharing fruits of her work and their confirmation of it is very important to her.


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